Public influence on policy shows no sign of growing

Core to the functional feature of a political system is who runs things or rather who does the system permit to run things because this determines the shape, capability and responsiveness, that is, the ability of institutions to facilitate desired actions in a timely manner. The consistent feature of the four decades of independent ZimbabweContinue reading “Public influence on policy shows no sign of growing”

The error of surrendering your power because you do not know you have it

If we are to predict the future, we must be prepared to have the power to shape the future. The good thing is that we all have power to transform the political landscape of Matabeleland, the bad thing is not everyone knows they have got it. To use power effectively we first have to knowContinue reading “The error of surrendering your power because you do not know you have it”

Matabeleland’s conundrum over Zimbabwe independence celebrations

We shall not dignify mediocrity; we refuse to participate in political hypocrisy. Instead of celebrating the 18th of April this year, we will heed the lessons of the failure of Zimbabwe’s independence. We shall collectively commemorate the loss of independence for our people, degradation of human decency, violation and loss of rights and individual libertiesContinue reading “Matabeleland’s conundrum over Zimbabwe independence celebrations”

A call for Matabeleland citizens to fight despotism

As part of our contribution to the Matabeleland political movement, our last article delivered a message to all Matabeleland leaders, in it we made plain our aversion to real or perceived support of despotic governments or leaders. Such behaviour would be frowned upon for its obvious detrimental effects on Matabeleland public aspirations and betrayal ofContinue reading “A call for Matabeleland citizens to fight despotism”

Pay attention to who your leaders idolise

You can cut through the tension in Matabeleland’s political environment. What we are facing is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate political development and the people’s ever-growing need for a better life. This is a critical stage in our political development and we need to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate ourContinue reading “Pay attention to who your leaders idolise”

Gukurahundi: who benefits from ‘moving on’?

Justice for victims of the Gukurahundi atrocities is Matabeleland’s goal, escaping accountability for the Gukurahundi genocide is ZANU PF’s dream. To effectively address the Gukurahundi atrocities, Zimbabwean society needs to come together to restore humanity against the background of ZANU PF sponsored dehumanisation. For years the party has maintained a loosened relationship with, and separatedContinue reading “Gukurahundi: who benefits from ‘moving on’?”

The Matabeleland problem of ethnic Shona elite revanchists

Gaining and asserting ethnic Shona social, economic and political dominance in Matabeleland remains central to ZANU PF’s existence. It is true that regaining historically lost assets – physical territory, social, economic and political authority in what is Matabeleland today is ZANU revanchists’ project; from its inception in 1963, the party set itself the task ofContinue reading “The Matabeleland problem of ethnic Shona elite revanchists”

Weak institutional environment causing Africa endless problems

Zero accountability and increased informality is the face and failure of Africa’s systems. No system is perfect or fool proof, but systems are a reflection of the unexamined beliefs of their creators, African governments need to take full responsibility for systems in place. A critical examination of African systems indicates their reactive nature, and reactiveContinue reading “Weak institutional environment causing Africa endless problems”