Gukurahundi focus: Why the intra-Mthwakazi quarrel?

You know something is seriously wrong when the crusade for inaction on Gukurahundi atrocities threatens to overhaul our political culture, become the most active and loudest political movement within the Mthwakazi socio-political space. Who is sponsoring this crusade, who is talking, and on whose behalf? Continue reading

Matabeleland Against Division

The priority of the Mthwakazi movement’s engagement in politics must be to better the lives of people and, not just a vehicle for opportunists to amass political power. The movement does not exist to replace ZANU PF but as a vehicle for the creation of opportunity and access to all who call Matabeleland home. Continue reading

We need discipline to redesign the Matabeleland brand

The socio-political space nurtured by a ZANU PF dominated government within the independent Zimbabwe territory is a crude political system designed without moral consideration for human rights and dignity of minority population groups. It is a flawed, divisive politics of hate that crushes than listen to dissenting voices; it possesses neither an ear nor a heart for alternative views. Continue reading

Matabeleland: an attack on one is an attack on all

The dream of an independent Zimbabwe defined by universal justice fell flat on its face before the ink dried on paper. The Zimbabwean world is nothing but coordinated chaos punctuated with selective justice in which political and/ or ethnic affiliation determines how the law is interpreted and/ or applied. In such a world, we owe it to ourselves to exercise our right to partisanship if that helps stop the persecution of our own by the majoritarian tyranny of Harare. It is for patriotic reasons that I would rather take Jonathan Moyo’s side against his latest critic Dr Bekithemba Mpofu. justice Continue reading

Matabeleland survival a responsibility for all

Zimbabwean independence has been a race between ZANU PF’s longstanding pet project of converting Matabeleland into an appendage of a Mashonaland pseudo-kingdom and Matabeleland trying to develop and maintain its unique identity, and so far the ZANU PF project is winning. Gukurahundi did not stop at signing of the Unity Accord in 1987 but was merely modified; we have seen poverty increase in Matabeleland, and witnessed loss of real influence in decisions affecting our lives; even more concerning, some of our people have fallen for the ZANU PF propaganda that blames the victim for being abused. Continue reading

Zimbabwe independence costs

With a high degree of confidence, my verdict on Zimbabwe’s post-independence operational processes is that they have created more suffering, deeper socioeconomic disparities and have claimed more political victims than the Smith regime would ever have dreamt of. The so-called independence is now a pantomime; of sovereign African states, we are certainly in an exclusive group of one country that has successfully engineered the extinction of its own currency. Continue reading