Category: Human Rights

  • Schooling must promote and not interfere with children’s learning

    Every successful society has a good education system backing it, and that is no coincidence; there is overwhelming evidence suggesting education in Africa is fact obsessed over kindling imagination and that has serious impact on invention. Discovery is a by-product of imagination not fact storing. We need a cultural shift and investment in a system […]


  • Working towards an effective welfare system

    The recklessness that epitomises Zimbabwean government today will take generations to undo. We have an impulsive society that lives only for today, leaders who plunder resources for personal and today’s pleasures with no regard for broader society and leaving precious little or no savings for the future generations. Matabeleland needs to break free of this […]

  • Social protection in Mthwakazi

    Until the last Mthwakazi citizen has access to clean water, decent accommodation, clothes, literacy, affordable healthcare, sufficient and ongoing steady state support to protect them from hunger, malnutrition and poverty, we cannot consider ourselves a just society, let alone free. There is a growing sense in Mthwakazi that the ZANU PF led government has not […]

  • Counter injustice is no form of justice

    Voicing our concerns about a vengeance based political doctrine and advocating against retaliatory strategies should not be misconstrued for cowardice; we are not cowards for not having faith in emotionally charged strategies that target specific population groups for abuse, and attempt to create a moral code that celebrates hatred against other humans. An ethnic Shona […]

  • Women participation key to Mthwakazi politics

    Urging our pro-Mthwakazi organisations to be inclusive is not an attack. It is both progress and patriotic. We cannot continue running men’s clubs and calling them national political parties and act surprised when women keep a safe political distance.

  • Freedom of speech is no licence to tribalism

    Not to speak or express one’s thoughts – for whatever reason – is a violation of one’s liberty. A free Mthwakazi state must commit to respecting the right for people to hold views and freely express them; people must be free to proclaim truth and not be silenced through fear. We are not oblivious to […]

  • Emotional intelligence vital for Mthwakazi leaders

    Years of research in leadership must inform pro-Mthwakazi’s approach to leadership; research is consistent in that without an understanding of your emotions you cannot obtain and maintain effective leadership roles. One needs to understand their range of emotions and those of the led; the Mthwakazi struggle must never be allowed to be a casualty of […]

  • Converting arid Mthwakazi into arable farmland

    Growing our own food and increasing food security is just as essential as the need for political independence yet we seem not only least concerned about it but recklessly least prepared to address the anomaly. Pro-Mthwakazi politicians are aware of Mthwakazi’s harsh arid and semi-arid conditions and the implication on food production and food security.

  • Gender equality benefits everyone

    There is no denying that as a society, Mthwakazi is heavily disadvantaged by the tribalism of the current Zimbabwe regime, but it is equally true that gender is probably the most restricting force in Mthwakazi life. Our fight for freedom must go in tandem with the fight to secure freedom for Mthwakazi women.

  • Increasing women participation in pro-Mthwakazi politics

    Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals is to ‘promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development’. And we recognise in Mthwakazi that a key component of an inclusive society is active participation by women in political processes. We believe that the equitable participation of women in politics and government is essential to building and […]