King Mzilikazi, the first King of Mthwakazi

King Mzilikazi (ca. 1790 – 9 September 1868)

This is a private social and political blog that boasts of well-researched articles on Matabeleland or Mthwakazi historical, social and political issues. Its aim is to highlight injustice, exploitation and humiliation of Mthwakazi and its people within the modern State of Zimbabwe. It has its focus on the protection of human rights of ethnic minorities. The blog is unapologetic in its assessment of the socioeconomic and political circumstances or space in Mthwakazi.

The blog is a by-product of the author’s research, experience of living under the Zimbabwean tyrannical regime and thus informed personal opinion of the historical and current social and political space of Mthwakazi. The blog also dissects the impact of Zimbabwean politics in Mthwakazi.

King Lobengula

King Lobengula (1845 – 1894), Mzilikazi’s son, second and last Mthwakazi king (1870 – 1894)

Although the central theme is Matabeleland social, economic and political freedom and liberty as well as informing the region’s electorate, as a blogger I do not profess to be an authority in Matabeleland politics and certainly do not perceive myself as a mouthpiece of any political organisation in Matabeleland; this blog is not an extension of any formal political organisation. Readers are encouraged to contribute to the enrichment of information and debates in this blog via the comments section of articles or send me an email.