Rethinking our politics

Difficult times call for difficult decisions and tough measures. In the face of colonialism our fathers’ generation fought; in the face of today’s difficulties, today’s Mthwakazi generation needs to be decisive; shunning our responsibility to change things is a risk we cannot afford. Matabeleland needs a political transformation reflective of local norms and values and […]

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Mthwakazi strategic political planning

The poor performance (81 votes) in the recent Lupane East House of Assembly bye-election by a pro-Mthwakazi organisation continues an unwelcome trend, and sad as it is, serves as a valuable pointer only in one direction: A change in the pro-Mthwakazi movement operational ethos is required if the agenda for local empowerment is to take […]

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Let the Mthwakazi freedom come

Institutionalised tribalism and political patronage are the pinnacle of Zimbabwean politics. But whether one agrees or disagrees with the assertion, you cannot deny it is illogical for a Mthwakazi city to be run by outsiders. Is it not evidence enough the system is flawed if equally capable locals are overlooked for none professional reasons?

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