Blanket boycott of politics in Zimbabwe not the answer

No one organisation holds all the keys to solutions to all of the challenges Mthwakazi faces as a direct result of modern-day Zimbabwe politics. The highest form of political maturity therefore, would be achieved when the sons and daughters of Mthwakazi put aside party interests for national interests to collectively fight parliamentary institutions that are persistently complicit in the system of oppression afflicting our great nation.

In the pursuit of a misguided ethnic Shona supremacy agenda, ZANU PF has seriously disrupted political and moral order in the country. The bottom line of acceptable governance ethics was crossed in 1983/84. What government in the right mind plans, uses public resources to facilitate formal training for terrorists and goes on to sanction terrorist attacks on defenceless unarmed citizens for belonging to a different tribe, and nonchalantly dismisses the illegal intervention as ‘a moment of madness’?

The worst scenario is that we have a young generation of both Mthwakazi and Mashonaland elite who continue to make a poor strategic political choice; instead of openly blaming the Matabeleland genocide, some young ethnic Shona people have chosen to exonerate ZANU PF and perpetuate the myth that Gukurahundi was justified and merited. And then we have young so-called schooled Mthwakazi people who believe in ‘let bygones be bygones’ mantra without consideration for the victims’ views.

Unless there is an immediate ideology shift, there would be a breakout of internal war. To ignore calls for state accountability after unjust deaths of thousands of civilians is barbaric and arrogance of unimaginable proportion.

If we agree that we would no longer be held hostage by the rigged Zimbabwean political system that rewards murderers, promotes discrimination, is characterised by rampant corruption and where human rights are denied, we must be prepared to make sacrifices and that may mean party interests being set aside not because we have lost faith in them but because we believe national interests can no longer suffer for small unsustainable gains.

How we fight these institutions is of essence. Some Mthwakazi movements and organisations have long been calling for the boycott of all Zimbabwean parliamentary institutions in the conviction that such action will benefit the public enormously from the ultimate weakening of these institutions. To date we have not seen the benefits, to the poor men and women, of withdrawing participation in Zimbabwean elections.

Now with regard to political oppression, we are the ones who are in power. We are the ones who have the power to change our people’s habits, and with that our political destiny. We are the ones who can either plan (or effect) change or opt for a passive response and face the indignity of dying in political servitude.

We do not want to sound cynical, but it would appear the current position of the boycott of parliamentary institutions by some Mthwakazi movements is dictated by a desire not to submit their weakness to public scrutiny, thus preserving their right to a political stance and inactivity which makes no difference to anybody. We argue that a revolutionary party can justifiably turn its back to a parliament only if it has set itself the immediate task of overthrowing the existing regime. Sad to say at present there is no evidence that the advocates of a global boycott have near the capacity to overpower even a tiny police unit.

Instead of sugar-coating cowardice and presenting passivity as action in the form of inaction, we call for the Mthwakazi nation to take active participation as the most righteous act in dealing with all injustice in our land. Yes, we unashamedly call upon the entire Mthwakazi nation to ward off ZANU PF-enabled civil strife and its evils, and preserve our nation’s integrity.

First, let us wage war against the media, both traditional and other formats, including social media. We make it clear herein, all in Mthwakazi have a duty not to succumb to political misinformation, they must verify any news before giving it credence, and all those who claim to represent us and who make political claims must substantiate their assertions with proof, lest they spread false allegations and therefore misinform the public.

We call upon citizens of Mthwakazi – individuals and groups – not to boycott action intended to deliver our nation from economic and emotional distress, and not to call upon others to adopt inaction where action is clearly required, as this would be rightly regarded as an act of treason. Individuals and movements that lack confidence or resolve and opt not to join legitimate causes and action by their brothers and sisters, are equally guilty of treason, and history shall judge them accordingly.

Tribe, race, sex must never be an issue; oppression stems from those in power. We cannot free certain tribes and races without freeing others who are equally systematically oppressed by those in power. We are not fighting our way up the patriarchal ladder, but to obliterate hierarchies, and cease the exploitation of all those who are less powerful irrespective of the colour of their skin or the language they speak or their political views. Each of us will have to decide whether we melt ambiguously, passively watch in the hope ZANU PF systems will curve into themselves or we actively participate in local political activities, build political capital through which we will dismantle the crooked processes feeding into the evil systems violating our region.


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