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Different Matabeleland political organisations, one objective

Politics is in charge of the journey to Matabeleland freedom and liberty but our mental attitude influences the journey. Let us confront the reality that we continue to suffer from problems yet we are in the middle of many solutions. First, we need to roll away and off our people the inferiority complex; the attitude of resignation and surrender in the face of defeat. Under the canopy of the right mental attitude, nothing can stop us from achieving our goals but nothing can help us if we continue to hold onto the wrong mental attitude.

In the last 15 or so years, bellicose rhetoric has been the chosen course of many Matabeleland focused political organisations but what is clear now is that the adopted course has not won the internal battle; the battle of freeing the minds; the battle of convincing the oppressed Matabeles that they are indeed oppressed and thus need to be set free and that only they themselves are responsible for their freedom and liberty. We have failed to make ourselves believe in our abilities because we have failed to examine our consciences, clearly identify and define our abilities.

I believe all the Matabeleland political organisations devoted to the transformation of the Matabeleland political space are now at a stage they need to be effective partners in their fight against the discriminatory Zimbabwean systems. The purpose of our politics should be to replace empty political minds in our region with open minds.

The different Matabeleland organisations face similar challenges, it seems to make sense for them to try to solve them together. Differences in approach should not be allowed to disable or undo the Matabele fight for freedom. We know that differences in political approach are widened when people are not willing to learn from each other. I believe each one of the Matabeleland socio-political organisations has something to teach to others and something to learn from all others. The way forward is openness in differences and the maturity to say ‘NO’ or ‘YES’ when one has to; leave the door open for future cooperation!

Our mental attitude and not aptitude will determine our altitude. The pride of our different socio-political organisations should lie in the continued efforts to unhinge the disruptive grip, in the region, of Zimbabwean systems and in the knowledge that they have gotten the most out of what they have had to give to date.

The bellicose rhetoric from our different political organisations has not won the hearts and minds of the very people they have set themselves the target of setting free. Truculence may give the impression of bravery and a false sense of direction but it is organisation, wisdom and clarity of our aims and goals that will take us to places and levels we need to achieve freedom.


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