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Political inaction bad politics for Matabeleland

Mthwakazi must wake up to the fact that political inaction is still politics; bad politics for that matter! It is the bad politics that has left the Matabeleland nation politically invisible; we learn precious little to nothing from inaction. We cannot confidently claim silence is working because it has not created anything for the region.

We are accountable for our actions and inactions; inaction breeds doubt and fear and thus paralyses decision-making. That is exactly the price that Matabeleland is paying right now. If we genuinely believe in the ability of Matabeleland to prosper, we need not standby and watch Harare action in Matabeleland.

Let it dawn in our population that determining not to engage in politics is still a political act; in the short-term inaction maybe safe but we have to ask ourselves what it achieves in the longer-term besides perpetuating the suffering of the oppressed Matabeles? Inaction pointedly appeases the enemy in return for temporary safety; it empowers the oppressor not the oppressed.

When it comes to Zimbabwean tribalism, we must take sides; neutrality helps only one side, that of the oppressor not the oppressed; if Matabeleland remains quiet about Harare tribalism, only Harare will be the winner. Let us fight with our might and fight for equality of all humanity within our territory.

Not doing anything when you should have is more damaging than suffering a mistake while taking action. Those against strong and active political activity by Matabeles for Matabeles ignore the reality that the ZANU PF government has shown repeated disrespect and unwillingness to recognise Matabeleland freedom and liberty. ZANU PF policies are based on the principle of domination and not accommodation of Matabeleland and Matabeles.

Our greatest tragedy has not been the cruelty of ZANU PF but the silence over it by those who purport to have the interests of Matabeleland at heart. I say to all Matabeles preaching caution and inaction and those who argue that Gukurahundi atrocities were primarily the result of Matabeles challenging ZANU PF’s wrestling of Matabeleland socioeconomic and political territory, inaction is not our shield but the cause of our demise.

Gukurahundi was not a result of Matabele action but the deafening silence of our leadership soon after independence in the 80s when a lot more noise was required: our brothers were silenced when they started protesting against ZANU PF injustice; told to put their arms down when they had broken into an arms depot at Entumbane; told to get back to the demobilisation camps when they had broken out on realising the dirty political games played by ZANU PF. It was action but misguided action by ZAPU leadership to advise inaction that ultimately empowered the bigots in ZANU PF to carry out a massacre of Matabeles.

The ‘safety’ of inaction has left us filled up with emotional, political, social and economic poverty. Directly linked with inaction, over the years, has been growth and the deepening of fear amongst our communities. We need to act on the silence that has kept us prisoner to ZANU PF abuse.


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