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Silence does Matabeleland no favours

MI Administrator

It is no secret that if we fail to stand up and publicize the plight of Matabeleland now, the only publicity we may have to give in the future will be an obituary. The journey towards retaining our dignity will have to begin with us consciously adopting a position of respectful uncertainty in all of our political interactions with Harare. Questioning Zimbabwean systems should be our policy signature.

Where Zimbabwean socio-political systems, as they have often done, further ethnic Shona interests at the expense of Mthwakazi, we owe it to ourselves and the generations to come to fight all those socio-political structures and supporting systems that keep us in a headlock. We should never allow ourselves the luxury of not protesting against injustice in all its forms.

There is strategic silence and then there is cowardice, the boundary between the two is blurred; Matabeleland must stop creating a god out of Harare. It is our moral responsibility to challenge injustice. This is no time for neutrality, we must take sides; taking a position of neutrality in times of strife only helps the aggressor; over the last three decades Matabeleland neutrality has strengthened the vision of the tyrannical Harare regime while at the same time compromising Matabeleland’s dignity.

Protesting against Harare tyranny is essential to Matabeleland’s true freedom; it is no longer an option but an obligation for all patriotic Matabeles to reject Harare injustice. We need to protest all ZANU PF’s attempts at refusing to acknowledge our dignity as human beings. If Zimbabwean authorities are serious about equality in the country then Matabeles should be allowed space to author their own destiny independent of Harare; Matabeles should be able to live the lives they want, decide who and what they want to be within the context of their sociocultural provisions and NOT within Harare’s ethnic Shona biased template.

Matabeleland needs to start utilising her creativity, instead of fighting a losing battle of trying to change ZANU PF/ZAPU/ MDCs and the like, we need to deliberate on and build new models that will make the ZANU PF and similarly focused models obsolete in Matabeleland.

To conclude, in all of our protest against Harare, we should ensure we retain our moral authority. It must not be lost to us that it is the system and not ethnicity that we are against; Mzilikazi led the way in accommodating ethnic diversity; what we reject is injustice and it is injustice we will have to fight to the last drop. Those Matabeles who have chosen to be embedded in Harare’s political structures and systems do so in full knowledge that these systems are stacked against Matabeleland; we respect their choices but reserve no place of honour for them.


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