Matabeleland: ‘respect laws that respect you’

For too long, Matabeleland has conformed to the absurdity shovelled down her throat in the form of laws by the discredited Zimbabwean State that has often employed inhumane tactics and imported into Matabeleland arrogant, if not ignorant law enforcers to execute its absurdity.respect of the laws

No one disputes the value of a good law in maintaining acceptable moral standards. I appreciate the role of law in Zimbabwe’s society today however, I reject the expectation that we respect every piece of legislation imposed upon us. We know a good law when we see it. I particularly resent the expectation that our people should consent to surrendering their human rights in return for the protection of their other rights. Legislation that directly or indirectly immortalise ZANU PF’s brutality (Gukurahundi) in Matabeleland while effectively criminalising the commemoration of the victims of that brutality are absurd and unacceptable, to say the least.

The Zimbabwean system is the height of folly. It is rather absurd for the authorities to expect Matabeleland nationals not to disobey laws whose main thrust is to disobey and undermine local values. Accepting law without question is out of the question; if anything, Matabeleland must without fail disobey all those laws that disobey her being.

We must, as a matter of principle, not feel inclined to defend statutes that compromise our freedom. Just like the Matabele’s previous generations fought the marauding white colonisers and the racism they brought, the present generation needs to feel the obligation to challenge or bend or even break unfair Zimbabwean laws if that is what is required to preserve our dignity for the next generation!

Our generation has the responsibility to reshape Matabeleland’s political culture; we need to stop the present local leadership that has been turned into champions of defending ZANU PF’s absurdity in Matabeleland. Matabeleland nationals must understand that the ZANU PF they have embraced and allowed to shape their political culture through both violence and corruption is no saviour for the region.


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