The Matabeleland problem of ethnic Shona elite revanchists

Gaining and asserting ethnic Shona social, economic and political dominance in Matabeleland remains central to ZANU PF’s existence. It is true that regaining historically lost assets – physical territory, social, economic and political authority in what is Matabeleland today is ZANU revanchists’ project; from its inception in 1963, the party set itself the task ofContinue reading “The Matabeleland problem of ethnic Shona elite revanchists”

Correct diagnosis gives chance for the right treatment

1983/ 84 Gukurahundi genocide survivors of Matabeleland were failed twice: once at the initial point of their abuse/ trauma when the world conveniently looked away and again when the system failed to acknowledge their needs; the Zimbabwe institutions and media has gone as far as questioning the numbers affected by that act of barbarism, thatContinue reading “Correct diagnosis gives chance for the right treatment”

Raise the moral bar to better Matabeleland political systems and institutions

Public disenchantment has become a key feature in independent Zimbabwe, particularly in Matabeleland where under the pretext of addressing insecurity in the region, thousands of Ndebele civilians were starved, tortured, raped, abducted and murdered in a state conjured military operation. Following the tribal, hate-fuelled murderous and dehumanising military activities of the 5th Brigade in anContinue reading “Raise the moral bar to better Matabeleland political systems and institutions”

It’s public’s time to move the Mthwakazi cause

Resisting bad laws is public responsibility, and it is the highest form of patriotism. You know it’s the public’s time to serve itself when the system and supporting institutions are habitually acting from a place of deep ignorance; when the gap between public minimum expectations and institutional performance widens, typically with delivery dropping way belowContinue reading “It’s public’s time to move the Mthwakazi cause”

Mthwakazi movement and political accountability

Fear has consumed many in Mthwakazi following the heart wrenching Zimbabwe state-sanctioned Gukurahundi operations in the 1980s. Typically, the Mthwakazi civilian population has displayed long-standing weaknesses in how it engages the political space. We can see the injustices of the system and its institutions yet lack the courage to challenge those policies that fall shortContinue reading “Mthwakazi movement and political accountability”

Conspiracy theorists frustrating pro-Mthwakazi

You do not get to build a nation by nurturing, monetising tribal supremacy and deflecting all criticism. The growth and stability of the pro-Mthwakazi movement will be directly proportional to how representative its power structures and leadership are of local communities. Being sensitive to people’s economic, religious, social and cultural needs is essential, as isContinue reading “Conspiracy theorists frustrating pro-Mthwakazi”

The pro-Mthwakazi movement has a duty of care to all – not some – citizens

Citizen doubts over the benefits of an independent Mthwakazi state are legitimate worries seeing what an independent Africa has become. A precedent has been set – in the independent Africa power does not trickle down, it is pumped up. True independence is the preserve for the political elite who extract power from citizens. Far fromContinue reading “The pro-Mthwakazi movement has a duty of care to all – not some – citizens”

No place for tribalism in pro-Mthwakazi reforms

Reforming pro-Mthwakazi politics is citizen responsibility. We need to be honest about what we need, take appropriate risks to achieve it than avoid the truth in fear of rocking the boat. The pro-Mthwakazi movement’s political tone has faced allegations of tribalism. As responsible citizens we will not bend; we will call for accountability; we willContinue reading “No place for tribalism in pro-Mthwakazi reforms”

Advancing the politics of Mthwakazi

Dysfunctional politics is a threat to the development and growth of the pro-Mthwakazi political agenda. We have a mountain to climb if we are to take effective control of our political space; there is evident dysfunction, toxicity and persistent internecine feuds within the Mthwakazi political scene. The internal political atmosphere is tense, tribal allegiance isContinue reading “Advancing the politics of Mthwakazi”