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Mthwakazi politics: who you associate with does matter

Independence in Zimbabwe is an illusion for the Matabeleland public, all thanks to tribalism; it is an open secret that the independent Zimbabwe has never opened its horizon for Matabeleland growth and freedom but has instead insisted on the restrictive control and management policy. We are victims of a well-orchestrated ethnic Shona tribalist regime and institutions headed by ZANU PF on behalf of Mashonaland. Given the context of deprivation of liberty, the only way left for Matabeleland is to become so free that our very existence is an act of rebellion. In its operations, it is imperative for the Matabeleland political movement to be particular in who it associates itself with because that is where its growth and success depends.

One of the most critical decisions to be made in our pursuit for freedom would be choosing with whom to associate; it is those close relationships that would gradually mould the character of our politics and its public impact. Regardless of what we may think and say, who we associate with is the window to who we are, and people will judge the Matabeleland movement in reference to who it embraces; the world will embrace or dumb us according to who we choose to associate with.

We need right friends, allies, and critically, the movement needs to form coalitions in its fight against the unfair and crippling policies of the government of Zimbabwe; let us choose right when it comes to associates. The sooner the conversation starts about how to carry out the safe building of alliances and coalitions the better. As alluded to earlier, the choices we make quite literally make us; and for our own reputation, we must seek to associate with the best available in this world.

Your principles guide who is the right and best choice to associate with. The Matabeleland movement will need to keep revisiting its principles as it identifies and selects allies and supporters of its agenda to protect the interests of people of Matabeleland. We make it clear here that any form of real or perceived discrimination from any political entity in the region does not reflect the public view of a Matabeleland nation, and the flaws of political movements in the region must not be associated with the public.

It would be naïve to ignore regional bodies in our fight; we do recognise the importance of regional and international support and the importance of SADC for Zimbabwe to be deprived of everything that threatens Matabeleland and peace; we must also take our responsibilities to the security of the region serious and must not be seen to be backing extremist right-wing groups that threaten the peaceful existence within our neighbours’ borders.

At this point, we want to distance the Matabeleland public from any local political entity whose activities threaten to undermine security in any neighbouring state; in particular, we distance the Matabeleland public from recent social media expressions of support by a senior member of a Matabeleland group for an openly racist white extremist right-wing group of Klenfontein seeking to create a racially exclusive community in South Africa.

We make it clear herein that the group has no Matabeleland public mandate, and its flawed views do not reflect the Matabeleland nation’s idea of freedom and liberty; we most certainly do not subscribe to the creation of exclusive communities. We would also remind Matabeleland political movements that it is irresponsible practice to tag without consent (directly or implied) the nation along in what are essentially their organisation’s exclusive members’ beliefs and political choices.

The ill-advised desire of association expressed was naïve, reckless, and even damaging not only to the specific movement but threatened to undermine Matabeleland’s broader political objectives; to even contemplate forming bilateral relations with a community that retains a blatantly foolish ideology of racial superiority borders on insanity, lack of foresight, and deficiency of principles.

When convenience takes precedence over principle, flawed decisions become the norm. We have seen that in the entire history of mainstream politics in Zimbabwe, and the result has been consistently damaging.

Fighting for freedom is a lonely place that requires sacrifice; the Matabeleland movement cannot go to the future where equality of humans is essential, where equal access to political processes is guaranteed, where the fair application of law across society is fundamental, where equal access to national economic benefits for all citizens is protected and where rules matter while consorting to old rusty extremist, supremacist views stuck in the Middle Ages and drag everyone into darkness.

In conclusion, we must enhance the dynamics of our co-operation with our African brothers and sisters and the international community. That calls for us to act within the international expectations of the 21st Century norms and values. As victims of a monstrous regime, we know what a monster looks like and what makes it thrive, we want to build oversight institutions that stop us from turning into monsters, we want to build and protect a nation that values humanity, a nation where no human being is special but all matter.



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