Mthwakazi divided is Mthwakazi fallen

External enemies only become a significant risk when enemies within are allowed free reign, when chaos rules and internal security systems slacken, when main gates are left unlocked, doors and windows left unsecured as occupants fight over whose responsibility it is to secure the palace.

Quite frankly, we cannot fight for the rights of Mthwakazi if we cannot unite as Mthwakazi people. For us to be in a united state, we must repair the damage inflicted by colonialism and the MDC/ ZANU PF tribalism to the core (mutual respect) that once united us.

We have to acknowledge the reality that the most dangerous people in our territory today are no longer the tribal leaning Mashonaland based leaders in the MDC and ZANU PF instigating evil acts in Mthwakazi, but Mthwakazi sons and daughters who perform the acts for them.

Let us fight ignorance and bolt doors to vulnerability. We need to revisit our core foundations to build working modern political systems; systems that not only reconnect our history to today’s realities but give credence to diversity and inclusion.

Defective wisdom has overseen many of our own sons and daughters wilfully accept to work for the MDC/ ZANU PF to kill off or maim Matabeleland citizens who resist the injustices of the Zimbabwean systems.

Wilful gullibility is the enemy’s gift. The jobless, hopeless and greedy men and women have lost all sense of morality in their quest to feed families; they will do anything to feed, indulge themselves and please their Harare masters, even if it is for a day.

So as long as poverty of resources and thought reigns and money continues to seduce the hungry, the hopeless, the broken, the greedy, and the needy, division will continue to hurt our political space.  

We see it unfold all the time, whenever pro-Mthwakazi voices are raised, our kin, often with ill-fitting ZANU PF t-shirts and those imbued in ZANU PF crooked education are dispatched onto the streets with the mandate to interrupt while the social media is flooded with propaganda – messages of condemnation.

How do we explain attacks from our own against their kith and kin fighting marginalisation? People are routinely threatened and called derogatory names by local sons and daughters acting without conscience, men and women working for food handouts among other corrupt and shameful spoils – cry the immorality of poverty!

We are not against internal political disagreement, in fact we welcome it for it is essential that we effectively deal with disagreements and root out any lingering political dominion by some communities over others.   

Our problem is that the Mthwakazi politics has been turned into a game of self-crowning where finger-pointing has become the norm at the expense of taking responsibility. When we surrender responsibility for making our choices and shy away from making courageous decisions, external advisers will help us choose, but such choice is never cost-free.

It is shameful that at a time when we should be speaking in one voice, we are splitting up into numerous hostile camps that, more often than not, are rooting for the pride of separate tribes rather than the good of our nation.

We do have cultural and political differences, but we cannot afford to stop working together against a committed, organised and brutal enemy if we are to survive as a nation; when we stand shoulder to shoulder no evil voice shall split us apart.

Let us build to entice our people to the pro-Mthwakazi agenda; targeting the youth will be essential. We need to put more effort into rectifying the imbalance that sees the older voters having more of a say over issues that are going to impact young Mthwakazi people for the longest.

Access to our people is not given, we must grab it. Attractive and credible policies are essential if we are to cut off the ZANU PF and MDC access. It is only the inability to entice locals that will make the MDC and ZANU PF obsolete in Mthwakazi.

We need to objectively establish why those organisations who are openly against all that is Mthwakazi remain an attraction to our people. Why are Bulawayo and Matabeleland North attracted to the MDC while Matabeleland South remains a vital political base for ZANU PF?

Are we divided against ourselves or simply divided upon the behaviour to adopt in the given circumstances? Are we justified in that separation? These are some of the difficult questions we have to grapple with in order to move forward.

Chaos must not reign over and destroy our territory. One hopes, ineptitude and negligence has been behind pro-Mthwakazi movements’ policies more than any cynical desire to foster cracks and extend barriers between communities in Mthwakazi.  

This is the time for genuine change to take place otherwise we will be guilty of political negligence, without extenuation, if we permit the continuation of the MDC/ ZANU PF dominion over Mthwakazi’s norms and values. We shall not suffer for our tormentors to live. This is the time to unite or we will perish together. What we must recognise is that while we are busy feuding among ourselves, the MDC/ ZANU PF political dynasty is being built before us. In short, we are making a rod for our own backs.


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