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Unity of purpose important for Mthwakazi politics

Success does not come by accident; it is a product of careful planning, hard work, networking, perseverance, and an honest introspection that raises serious consideration of lessons from failure – yours and others’. A complete political culture change is required for Mthwakazi to progress; Mthwakazi groups need to come together and make success happen.

It is now an open secret that Mthwakazi’s success will not be an exclusive right of privileged individuals or socio-political groups but a collective effort of all. Building a tolerant, growth focused environment that allows everyone to contribute in the rebuilding of our great nation must be our priority.

We appreciate that Mthwakazi is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural nation, and with that comes the diversity of political opinion. It is essential that we establish and protect a friendly atmosphere in which people holding fundamentally different political views not only live together but also argue safely.

Far from popular but mistaken belief, political diversity is not necessarily a threat to our political space but a true reflection of our society and it adds to the enrichment of the space. We need to be sensitive with how we approach Mthwakazi national political issues; it is important that everyone is wholly included within the various systems and processes if we are to loosen the grip and reverse the damaging effect of ZANU PF politics within our territory.

The politically delusional individuals and groups within our society aside, we all agree that ZANU PF governance has been a total disaster in Mthwakazi; what the party has imposed as a government over Mthwakazi consists of overtly discriminatory systems ably supported by institutions whose main objective is to interfere with the way Mthwakazi society operates. How we break that cycle is neither easy nor a one-man job but a responsibility of the whole community.

We need to confront our weakness without fear or favour; it is now a widely accepted position that Mthwakazi is not likely to reach its full political potential until every pro-Mthwakazi socio-political organisation adopts humility as its core value. Reality indicates that internal compromise will be fundamental for progress; we will not reach our full potential until the different groups start working together in unity of purpose, respecting and relying upon each other’s strengths.

An honest and fair political environment is paramount if we are to pull together. Policy differences must be openly discussed, and addressed with the urgency they deserve. In the unfortunate case of the deep policy divisions between political parties being impossible to bridge to foster a unified broad political approach in our fight for Mthwakazi control, let us (at the least) make the environment safe for diversity.

Disaffection is the killer of dreams; we need everyone to be satisfied, for a satisfied nation is the best political strategy for all; in Mthwakazi we want to run a political system that recognises and acknowledges all people’s contributions; a system that listens to the views of all not only election victors, not only certain ethnic or racial groups, not privileged social classes, but all people.

It is essential that we recognise the reality that neither the majority nor the minority, the election winner nor the loser is perfect or complete without the other. We need each other. As alluded to earlier in this article, in a politically diverse region like Mthwakazi, great political outcomes will not be exclusively achieved by one single group but different groups uniting behind a worthy cause.

We want to build and maintain mutual respect and trust within Mthwakazi’s political space, for we are aware that for people to do business with us, trust more than mere likeability will be vital. Tribal politics must be shown the exit door once and for all. It is not beyond our capabilities to create institutions that not only our people, but the whole world will envy, respect, and more important, be comfortable to do business with us.

The sensitivities of Mthwakazi politics must be handled with great care for the benefit of all; our highly social, political and culturally diverse Mthwakazi stands at a politically precarious position, we will either move towards a richly united politics that empowers Mthwakazi, or we will move apart. Our objective must be to avoid the latter scenario, and that calls for selflessness across the board. There must be something for everyone to be proud of within the system; all citizens, including minority groups, must be close to decisions that impact their lives.


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