Advancing a smart Mthwakazi political agenda

Our priority is to create a system that promotes diversity, a system supported by institutions that bring different population groups into dialogue that preserves the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes the Mthwakazi nation.

We have lived through the horrors of Gukurahundi, nothing can stop us from facing anything else that comes along to threaten our peace. Nothing will ever be too big or too small for us to deal with. We will never lose sight of our socio-political identity; Mthwakazi will never lose faith in its abilities and will forever strive for a better future based on the mutual respect of humanity.

A message to our men and women who have given up the dream and those on the brink of surrendering: the stark choice is either we think for ourselves and take control of our politics or else Mashonaland – in the guise of the ‘unity accord’ – will think for us and continue to withdraw real power from under our feet.

Changing the present flawed reality requires the removal of obstacles in the way of an unhindered participation of all, not some, of our people in decisions affecting their lives. Remove the damaging fear and procrastination in our mindset first; all Matabeleland citizens must join in and participate in the planning of change, identification of priorities for change, creation, and implementation of the systems we need.

This is the right time to come together for a common cause; remember we are different stars in a peaceful sky; together we form its beauty, and together we are entitled to eclipse but we must not let that become endless night. It is everyone’s responsibility to commit to advancing a shared agenda as a nation. That is an agenda of opening doors to everyone in our pursuit of a world that seeks not to exclude anyone. We need to uphold principles of impartiality and objectivity in our day-to-day state operations.

First, let us review the form of governance to reflect our norms and value systems; let us build systems and institutions that protect our leadership from being corrupted by power; systems that have within them a constant reminder of our limitations as human beings.

A government that sees the elite appropriating power from the public is not concordant with our needs. Knowledge and power flow between the general population and the leadership needs rebalancing for the safety of both groups in our socio-political space. Leaders may have knowledge on the swathes of political and economic choices available but they cannot be allowed to ignore the public who often disproportionately endure the unpleasant effects of some decisions.

Our politics will need to focus on an objective and fair power sharing process that acknowledges that communities have expertise in their experience of political and economic effects and their response to them while considering the broad knowledge that professionals have of addressing specific political and economic issues. Both are relevant in the effective running of our institutions and efficient decision-making processes.

We are closely watching the latest political manoeuvres within the Zimbabwean political space but will never let those superficial changes distract us from the crucial issues around Mthwakazi’s political, social and economic advancement. I have said in my last blog, the entry of Dr Nkosana Moyo in the Zimbabwean presidential race and the decision of Professor Welshman Ncube to participate in a coalition of chaos will not and must not move us.

We are a confident, dynamic nation with not only enthusiasm but a humble and reasonable confidence in our politics and political choices we have made; we embrace who we are. In that context, we strongly advise anyone who wants to deal with us that they will have to appreciate that fact and include that in their political plans and outcomes.

Now looking within, while we maintain that every individual is entitled to their freedom of choice and defend that fundamental right, we will not be offering our Mthwakazi platform to any organisation that promotes bigotry. We cannot talk of advancing a one nation agenda yet finding ourselves comfortable in referring to other communities and individuals within Mthwakazi as amahole. We denounce the politics of tribal supremacy; we reject any politics that targets people because of the language they speak.

We are different ethnic groups, in that diversity lies the beauty and strength of Mthwakazi. Our responsibility is the creation of a space in which each one of us grows to be themselves, gives and receives in an inclusive socio-political environment. We will not open the Mthwakazi political space to bigotry; diversity is our beauty and the protection of everyone’s rights is our priority.


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