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Inner strength and willpower will drive Mthwakazi forward

The importance of law in society is unquestionable hence Mthwakazi has continued to abide by laws within the unified Zimbabwe state. However, let it be known that we are not obligated to respect unjust laws that condemn us to suffering and laws to which our consent is not sort.

As a nation, we have a responsibility to remove ourselves from political torment; embracing victimhood is never the answer, it has not helped the last generation, it has not helped this generation, it will not help the next generation empower Mthwakazi.

Up to now, we have failed to pull ourselves out of the ZANU PF political curse not for lack of strength but lack of willpower. Basically, we have more control over our circumstances than we want to take responsibility for. We have the strength but our political transformation will be completed by the degree of willpower to break free from ZANU PF social and political shackles.

It is sad to note that our strongest and toughest enemy turns out to be the lack of political integrity within our leadership; this is a self-serving leadership which has become detached from its responsibilities of serving people from whom it draws its authority and taken to serving ZANU PF/MDC/MDC-T, etc and the associated benefits regardless of what that may mean to the people. This is a leadership that has continued to deliver us to the altar of unified Zimbabwe political manipulation and compromised progress on the ground.

Many of Mthwakazi leaders are benefitting from the current political chaos, and order and stability are not their priority. We need to proactively promote a Mthwakazi political agenda and focus on developing morally sensitive systems and institutions. At the top of our priority should be the removal of leaders who have abandoned their social and political responsibilities to pay homage to ZANU PF, its opponents within the present unified Zimbabwe system and all associated institutions.

Let us focus on our goals, and willpower will take us to the next level. A quick reminder of our foundational goals: individual freedoms and liberties and the eradication of poverty across society are central to our dreams of a politically empowered Mthwakazi. We want a total transformation of our politics; we want a political space devoid of ZANU PF influence, and we hold onto the principle that all humans are created equal; we are fighting for freedom and liberty for ALL who call Mthwakazi home. Our final declaration is that access to opportunities must be equal in a fairer Mthwakazi political space.

Nothing is impossible but we are clear things maybe tough at times. Mthwakazi will not be broken any further; let us take strength from the knowledge that oaks grow strong against opposing winds, and diamonds are made under pressure. Admittedly, ZANU PF systems and institutions have betrayed our trust and broken every Mthwakazi citizen’s bone but for some have strengthened; instead of staying on the floor, we have risen and have become strong and resilient.

Today we are better advised to believe we can put an end to unnecessary suffering imposed on Mthwakazi by ZANU PF systems and institutions; despite the obstacles laid on our path we will persevere and stay the course. We will place our feet in the right position and stand firm; we will overcome whatever obstacles come our way; we no longer will wait for opportunities to arise for us to change things but we will start taking common occasions and make them great.

The best way of casting away the dark Harare shadow being cast over Mthwakazi is using a bright light, not further darkness. We will not allow anger to come in the way of our solution; we must not and will not lose hope and fall into the trap of self-destructive habits; we will turn our challenges into strength and continue to pursue the Mthwakazi of our dreams.

Anger will not deliver Mthwakazi from its sorrows but will continue to rob us of our strength to find solutions to our current indignity of being second class citizens in our territory. We are calling for Mthwakazi empowerment not because we want to prove a point to Harare but to prove something to ourselves and to meet our best interests. We want to live in peace, be close to decisions affecting our lives and, above all, be respected.

Ambition and strength alone will not take us anywhere, we need the will to act; lost freedom and liberty have never been given back without a fight. Let us grab our freedom, grab our liberty, and fight for a diversity safe Mthwakazi. Our focus should be the principle of human equality; our fight is not about tribal supremacy but the restoration of the rule of law, equal protection of human dignity, security, and equal access to opportunity.


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