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Mthwakazi youth must participate in Mthwakazi politics

There is no doubt we have entered a period of heightened political enlightenment and activity within Matabeleland. Our future is at stake, we require that everyone not only stays alert but plays their role too. Our youth needs to guard against complacency and thus, falling asleep through this journey.

We want systems aligned with our values. Age should not be a hindrance; the environment is awash with opportunity for all to participate; everyone has a responsibility to put their best foot forward.

Our youth need to appreciate that their liberation is bound up with that of the rest of us; they have a responsibility to come and work with us for our freedom and liberty, and step out of the delusion that their role is just to help us; the reality is that we rise or fall together. They are not free because the rest of the nation is not free; in equal measure, the rest of Matabeleland is not free because the youth is not free.

Lost freedom and liberty are not given but claimed back; this is no longer the time for bystanders taking selfies for status updates. It is that time where all have got to pull themselves together, get their hands dirty; it is vital that the youth recognise and take responsibility for the survival of our great nation; to do that, they need to stay awake.

Together we will fight the ZANU PF legacy – a toxic legacy that has given birth to political sickness on the land. We will wage a moral and political war against all those political parties, systems and leaders whose policies, arrogance and greed have destroyed the lives of innocent Matabeles and deprived Matabeleland of development. Anyone working for a Zimbabwe orientated political entity cannot be our counsel, they simply lack moral credibility.

Our youth must not fall into the web of lies that conflate the pro-Mthwakazi agenda with anti-Shona people; young people must not stop pursuing their Matabeleland ambitions for the fear of upsetting their ethnic Shona friends. A true friend would not rejoice in your suffering but would support your cause, is all I can say.

We have the responsibility to defend the Mthwakazi agenda from an avalanche of disinformation; our objectives must not be hijacked by our detractors from the pro-Zimbabwe union. Fighting for Mthwakazi is not to be confused with the protection of Matabele rights over everyone else’s. We are fully committed to making Matabeleland’s social and political space safe for democracy.

Youth need to join in the politics of hope and reject fear. We are not organising hatred here; we are fighting for rights and freedoms for all who call Matabeleland home and those of our visitors. We cannot afford to fight for freedom and justice for some people and deny it to others.

Equality is absolute with no concessions hence, on equality, we will not negotiate. Freedom and justice cannot be distributed to suit political convenience. The distribution of freedom and liberty must be universal if Matabeleland is to enjoy real peace. We will build a security wall round our moral values and credibility.

We will not tire from deploring tribalism; no ideological or political conviction would justify discrimination against other humans based on their protected characteristics. Here we are fighting for freedom and liberty; we have a quest for true equality. This means holding everyone accountable in the same manner, regardless of tribe, gender, sex, faith and political affiliation.

We are heirs to a great history and we all have a duty to preserve our great nation. The lack of substantive youth participation in the pro-Matabeleland politics has weakened our political progress for too long. Our youth must realise, and do so quick, that our very existence as a nation is at stake, our way of living, our values and our hopes.


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