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Matabeleland politics: silence not strategy

Politics of the independent Zimbabwe is nothing but a continuation of discriminatory policies by other means; it is an exclusive political script founded on what is right for Zimbabwean society as if Matabeleland were not part of that society.

Truth be told, the tragedy of this ZANU PF governed Zimbabwe has not been its calculated exclusion and butcher of Matabeleland citizens but the deafening silence of Matabeleland leadership and the supposedly good people in the international community.

If, on self-interrogation, we cannot justify our current silence within the Zimbabwean political space then let us not keep it. Silence enforced by fear is disabling silence that will keep us tied up in forced loyalty with systems that have no provision for us.

There is ‘golden’ silence which is loud calculated silence and then there is ‘disturbing’ silence. If our silence is being motivated by an absence of a good answer that silence cannot objectively fall into the category of ‘golden’ but ‘disturbing’.

We are now in that position where we need to appreciate what the source of our greatest tragedy in politics is; it is not only when spoken words are misunderstood but also when silence is not understood or misinterpreted.

We need to withdraw that perceived authority from Zimbabwe to do as it pleases to Matabeleland and its people; we must not allow Zimbabwean systems to force us into silence; silence empowers oppressors not the victims; let the Matabeleland region and its citizens not be turned into victims; that needs to stop.

Our starting point would be ridding ourselves of an ill-focused local leadership that values its privileges under the current Zimbabwean regime over Matabeleland values.

Without control we cannot develop; we need to be descriptors of our lives; we need to define ourselves and our needs. We want good politics and that is a political system based on objectivity, a system that is neither vicious nor cruel. We want a politics founded on a healthy and constructive set of manners that advance principles of equality to our political space.

Let us abandon not our principles. Much of our failure has been a direct outcome of our community leadership abandoning our ideals, objectives and principles. We have thus, found ourselves being governed by laws that are quite clearly external to our principles. That said, we the citizens have a responsibility to change all that.

We need not sit by the margins and watch as the two major political parties indiscriminately extend and deepen an ethnic Shona agenda across the modern-day Zimbabwe territory completely disregarding the obvious racial and ethnic diversity in the country. Matabeleland citizens must stand up for principles of equality and diversity and offer a real alternative in the country’s politics.

The focus of Matabeleland should be the formal abandonment of silence as a strategy; we have learned that ZANU PF and Mashonaland do not understand our silence. Let us be objectively loud and focus on the establishment of a state in which we could live and breathe as free men and women and in which we could develop according to our needs, culture and where principles of the Mthwakazi social justice form the foundation of our development.


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