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The case for Matabeleland to step out of its comfort zone

Across the political divide we are agreed that the ZANU PF government has failed to understand or chosen to pay a blind eye to the responsibility that came with the freedom brought about by the 1980 independence. We can argue too that Matabeleland has become rather too comfortable in the face of injustice.

The question I am often asked by Matabeleland citizens is how we can respond to Harare? Nothing at all is my blunt response! We only need to understand and acknowledge what we have control over, what we can do and what needs to be done now. Our focus should shift to Matabeleland empowerment and away from any delusional attempts at weakening Harare. We have better chances to control and manage the Matabeleland socio-political landscape that we occupy but very little influence over Harare.

We cannot escape tomorrow’s responsibility by evading it today! Taking ourselves out of the grasp of ZANU PF politics is a huge responsibility that requires more than just a recollection of our past. Without internal belief and discipline we are doomed! Change will not happen until people are prepared to make wise choices. We have to start believing that we can succeed; we do have the human resources that we require to achieve internal political change but we have to first convince people of our confidence in the path we are calling for. This is time for each one of us to cease seeking answers from politicians but seek the right answers.

The beginning of our success will be based on bravery and the vision we develop and sell to the Matabeleland constituency; it has to be a positive vision of internal growth and not an obsession with bashing Harare. Creativity comes with responsibility and that means stepping out of our comfort zone; if we are unwilling to step out of that comfort zone, we are unlikely to learn what we are capable of.

We are not seeking to turn tables of abuse and create a Mthwakazi that abuses ethnic Shona people but we want to take full responsibility for a civilised future. We want a politics built on the respect of humanity; we have a responsibility to protect human rights not only of Matabeles but everyone who calls Matabeleland home; human rights should never be ethnic based, they are human-based!

The safeguard of our political change will be the education of our people so that they understand the choices they make. It is essential that we move out of comfort zone and start pursuing a different political vision for Matabeleland.



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