Take politics out of Highlanders FC and Bosso out of politics

We need not be governed by deception; we must have the clarity of what Highlanders Football Club is. A lack of clarity of what this great institution is will actually kill Bosso; Highlanders fans have to figure out how to shape the identity of the institution now and into the future.

Col Tshinga Dube ZANU PF candidate donated bus to Highlanders FC

Col Tshinga Dube ZANU PF candidate donated a bus to Highlanders FC

Confusion of the role and identity of Bosso as an institution in Matabeleland only benefits the rich and powerful who will exploit the situation to manipulate the weak and vulnerable. Clearly, Bosso is a football club, thus a sporting institution, like the many that we have in Matabeleland, only bigger and perhaps older. Its link with the monarchy is no secret thus the slogan ‘The team of the nation.’ Its targeting by ZANU PF was predictable but unacceptable. We must separate sport from politics; we need to ensure that while removing politics from Highlanders, we are also removing Highlanders from politics. A merger of the two, deliberate or otherwise, compromises the integrity of either institution.

In Highlanders, fans/ supporters must demand a purely sporting institution that maintains political neutrality. While accepting and respecting the right for individuals within the club structures to hold different political views, the challenge among Highlanders fans and supporters is to resist the exploitation of the institution for political gain by powerful individuals.

I am not naïve to the fact that Bosso like all sporting institutions needs financial support to survive, but that support need not come at any cost. Compromising institutional values just for a bus with a life expectancy of probable less than 5 years, at best, will taint Highlanders’ long history in Matabeleland and threaten its future association with the region. Fans will have to review their own involvement in the running of the club. Whenever individuals with money are allowed unfettered power over people with less money, the potential of exploitation remains significant. If ZANU PF linked individuals use their ZANU PF links as leverage for accessing funding or donations or to advance loans to the Club the outcome will be the gradual loss of the very soul of the institution.

Let us not fool ourselves, that bus donation was not just another donation; bad company corrupts good morals! Let us not be deceived, getting a ZANU PF-tainted ‘free gift’ was the most expensive decision in Highlanders’ history. At times one would rather be poor but retain their values, integrity and dignity. Taking ‘gifts’ from ZANU PF is the beginning of a rapid journey down a steep slope to moral oblivion; the values of the institution will soon have to pass through the ZANU PF filter resulting in the club being remote from the communities that it has long identified with and communities who have always prided themselves with their association with the team.

The bus donated to Bosso

The bus donated to Bosso by Col Tshinga, above

The delusion that Bosso is beyond a mere football team has succeeded because many are willing to listen to it. Let not Highlanders be the fault through which ZANU PF executes its social engineering agenda in Matabeleland. Matabeleland will respect Bosso when Bosso starts to respect and identify with Matabeleland sensitivities again; Matabeles must feel no obligation to identify with an institution willing to compromise its values for a bus and risk being dragged down the sewer with it.


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