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Mthwakazi will not be saved by complaints

As Mthwakazi continues to be a prisoner of conformity, our freedom and human rights continue to take a heavy hit from the Harare regime. Even more significant, the weakness of complaining as a political tool is becoming apparent with each complaint we make.

Not all complaining is bad; in the right context and as long as people are not complaining about the same thing, complaining can be a great tool for raising awareness about injustice and building interest in acting against all injustice. However, our complaining stopped being effective long before it even started; to keep complaining to the authors of the system we are complaining about and hope to get a positive response is foolhardy. Is it not the sign we are losing?

To date much of Matabeleland politics has been about changing complaints instead of changing the system that is the source of those complaints. If we continue living a life of crying to ZANU PF, we will die disappointed. We have long learned that ZANU PF is not designed to handle Matabeleland complaints neither is it designed to wipe Matabele tears nor shield Matabeleland from pain nor is it willing to reform to address those concerns. Self-pity and serial complaining can thus not serve as a template for our political future.

The sooner we recognise and appreciate that our current socio-political experiences are no accident but a direct outcome of our response to earlier political events in the region, the better. We can only change tomorrow’s outcomes by changing how we respond to the politics currently playing in the region. It is only when we commit to action and take full responsibility for our actions that Mthwakazi’s future will be in our own hands.

We must challenge the current culture of complaining and inspire Mthwakazi to start acting differently. Our problem at the moment is a lack of resourcefulness not resources; we need to get it in our heads that complaining is not creativity, it actually gets in the way of creativity; it impedes political growth by placing unwarranted doubt in the minds of creative Matabeles.

Instead of complaining to Harare and in the process confirming how effective the ZANU PF strategy is, we need to be grateful of the experience we have gained through living under the regime’s gross incompetence. We now know how not to govern.

Let us not undermine the power of imagination; if we can imagine it, we can do it. Mthwakazi’s political circumstances can change but not through making complaints to ZANU PF. A clear vision and a commitment to turning it into reality is key. We are responsible for maintaining our energy; we need to take action towards our goals and stop making excuses for failure. Progress is made by implementing your ideas and not by showing off your enemy’s strengths through non-stop complaints about how effective their strategy is.


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