Good politics, not political parties, will save Matabeleland

It is time Matabeleland nationals rid themselves of the view that isolated actions by politicians and their political parties (instruments of mental manipulation) are going to solve all of the region’s political crises. The Matabeleland vision has become a living nightmare as every big dream gets sucked out by a bad team.

Our pride should not lie on which political party we belong to but in our practical contribution to the lives of Matabeles; we need to stop serving ideologies and start serving people. Future generations will not be bothered by what political party we belonged to but by how we contributed to Matabeleland politics. Creating political party after political party is not changing Matabeleland nationals’ lives.

We need more than politicians and political parties; we need good politics and we require extensive participation by all our citizens. Politicians and their political parties exist primarily to expand and protect their interests over everyone’s; Matabeleland politicians have done precious little to nothing to alter the region’s rapid descent to socio-political oblivion – we are slaves today because we have long surrendered our destiny to politics and career politicians!

Politics is not only for politicians but for everyone whose life is impacted by it; people of Matabeleland need to start taking control of politics or politics will continue to take control of them. Matabeleland requires good politics and this is politics whose core is morality; it is politics that values humanity; it is politics that dignifies the human being, yields to law and fairness; it is politics that accommodates diversity and is answerable to every man and woman, not their social status not their ethnicity not their race.

After Zimbabwe, Matabeleland’s problem lies in the quality of the electorate as much as it is the quality of information delivered by the nationalists. People need to be educated for them to choose wisely; we cannot continue to rely on an electorate that blindly adopts political systems regardless of outcomes. Without necessarily calling for tolerance, I do not think we can rely on ideologies solely driven by emotions. Our approach needs to recognise the value of emotions in politics as well as embrace the immense value of rationale.

I do not particularly understand the Zimbabwean independence for it shifts with disturbing regularity to suit the convenience of politicians. We cannot begin to talk of ‘independence and freedoms’ when some and not all people benefit from that independence, unless it is illusionary independence.   The value of human dignity is absolute, Matabeleland needs to denounce the Zimbabwean politics of dubious morality; no ideology is worth killing for but some values are worth dying for.

Good politics has to be at the core of Matabeleland nationalism. For the region to take control of politics, we need political education and increased public participation. We need a balance between emotions and rationale; it is essential that Matabeleland combines enthusiasm, wisdom and objectivity in its broader political processes.


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