Morgan Tsvangirai’s ‘God-chosen’ clanger

Tsvangirai has just pulled yet another rabbit out of the hat in his now openly desperate pursuit for presidency, this time telling a church congregation that he and Mugabe were chosen by God to lead Zimbabwe and requesting that Zimbabweans pray for them!  How has Tsvangirai arrived at the conclusion that he and his president are God-chosen? 

To my knowledge there is no biblical text that suggests even in the slightest that above all that God is He is also a very funny God who occasionally plays practical jokes on His children.  It is worrying when a man with presidential aspirations thinks it wise to gloss his political debate with stand-up comedy-like performances. 

Tsvangirai must either be a poor comedian or quite simply a scheming liar or delusional or both to suggest that he and Mugabe are God-chosen.  To date the man has failed to convince Zimbabweans that his party is better than ZANU PF – the worst political organisation in Zimbabwean history.  Now he is putting the democratic claims of his party into disrepute by attempting to hoodwink the electorate into believing that leading Zimbabwe is his right not a privilege.

God is a serious God and no comedian; He is no politician and does not participate in things outside His will. This is purely a human matter and should be addressed as such. I do not see how God would have any hand in choosing an unrepentant womaniser for a leader?

Tsvangirai’s latest stroke of ‘genius’ somehow sheds some light into his 2008 dash into the Dutch embassy; he must have been popping in to pray for Mugabe!  But then it leaves a few questions unanswered: why choose a Western embassy to pray for a president who abhors the West?  Also, if indeed he believes that Mugabe is God-chosen why does he bother with numerous trips to South Africa to try and get help to have the wings of another God-given leader clipped by SADC?  On a serious note, beyond praying for leaders, what does Tsvangirai consider to be the rightful role of ordinary Zimbabweans in a democratic Zimbabwe?

Instead of foolishly and falsely crediting God for Mugabe and his (Morgan) own rise to prominence in Zimbabwean politics, Tsvangirai should be rightfully thanking the ethnic bias and brazen corruption of their parties.  The two men are beneficiaries of a deeply and grossly ethnically divisive politics; it does not matter how little substance their policies hold; the men belong to the majority Shona ethnic group and both men have shown a penchant for utilising their ethnic group numeric advantage. 

In the present Zimbabwean politics where ethnicity, and not policies, is the single most important factor in voting patterns, either man will win a presidential election if pitted against anyone from a non-Shona ethnic group because most of the ethnic Shona people would vote for him.

Tsvangirai’s buffoonery aside, it is quite tragic that Zimbabwean church leaders can readily abandon their flock to serve the interests of politicians.  Zimbabwean church leaders are increasingly being controlled and manipulated by politicians making one wonder which God they really serve.  The role of religion in Zimbabwean society is increasingly becoming a worry as it is now being readily called upon by politicians to defend the indefensible such as the suppression of rights of ordinary Zimbabweans and specific groups within the society.  If Tsvangirai has not been misquoted again, then his latest mis-step and those before this one make him a liability to Zimbabwean politics. God is no comedian, Tsvangirai is surely aware of that; he is well advised to stop his posturing and step aside to give real political change a chance.


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