The Defender of Matabeleland Rights

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Excellence of nature

Photo credit: Gerhard Huber (2012) in Global Geography. The unique, delicately balancing rocks at Matopos Hills.

Like the balancing rocks of Matobo Hills, we are diverse communities whose stability relies on the support of each other.

The Victoria Falls

Photo credit: Victoria Falls Tourism.

The Victoria Falls is a natural wonder whose vast economic potential must be exploited for the benefit of locals.

Education the future

Photo credit: ZimLive

Bulawayo’s Njube secondary school pupils peaceful protest against poor educational infrastructure.


  • Value and protect diversity
  • Create a safe place for debate
  • Focus on being better than your past.


Tolerance of views we disagree with will usher in our growth.



The shackles around our ankles may be different yet for one to be truly free all must be free.

Photo credit: Gondwana Tours and safaris. Matopos Hills, a major tourist destination in Matabeleland South
Photo credit: Frankie Kay. Diana’s Pools a tourist attraction in Matabeleland South
Source: Rhodesian Names. Mbalabala Dome in Matabeleland South
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