What Mthwakazi should expect from its government

Restoration is a word frequently used in the pro-Mthwakazi political vocabulary, but we have yet to fully understand its meaning within the contemporary politics. What restoration would mean in practice should be at the core of its proponents’ discussions.

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Turn words into action

For years pro-Mthwakazi politics has had great speakers making great speeches, turning people’s heads, but these great speeches have not changed anything. Words express our beliefs, and our beliefs are essential for they shape who we are, but our identity is revealed not through our beliefs or words but through our actions.

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How Mthwakazi movements intend to use power is essential

There is a special place in the political dumpsite for political organisations who instead of empowering their constituents take people’s unfettered trust and apparent vulnerabilities and abuse them for political gain.

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The sluggish growth of Mthwakazi political influence

We must face up to the reality that there is a chasm between our conceptualisation of where we are and where we really are politically, and it is widening. We need an urgent objective review of how we do politics or we will keep residing in a false comfort zone.

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Courage required to change Mthwakazi’s politics

In 2019, Mthwakazi cannot, in all conscience, be arguing on whether a change in our politics is or is not required. We need to break free, we must stand together to protect our socio-political space from sinking into irretrievable social and political impoverishment.

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How to build an exclusively Mthwakazi political brand

Greater care must be taken as we embark on the journey of building a political brand that is exclusively Mthwakazi; our brand must reflect trust to the public, for trust is the base principle that holds relationships; it is the glue that will attach our political parties to our communities.

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