Courage required to change Mthwakazi’s politics

In 2019, Mthwakazi cannot, in all conscience, be arguing on whether a change in our politics is or is not required. We need to break free, we must stand together to protect our socio-political space from sinking into irretrievable social and political impoverishment.

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How to build an exclusively Mthwakazi political brand

Greater care must be taken as we embark on the journey of building a political brand that is exclusively Mthwakazi; our brand must reflect trust to the public, for trust is the base principle that holds relationships; it is the glue that will attach our political parties to our communities.

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Division betrays Mthwakazi struggle

To understand what is going wrong for Mthwakazi we have to understand the political system of Zimbabwe: it is a democratic façade that legitimises Shona majoritarian tyranny; the oppressor has – in his mind – created an image of us; with our identity lost, we have become who he wants us to be.

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Rethinking our politics

Difficult times call for difficult decisions and tough measures. In the face of colonialism our fathers’ generation fought; in the face of today’s difficulties, today’s Mthwakazi generation needs to be decisive; shunning our responsibility to change things is a risk we cannot afford. Matabeleland needs a political transformation reflective of local norms and values and led by conscientious individuals and/ or groups with genuine public interest.

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Hunger for power not a just political objective

There is this hideous notion that hunger for power is good; driving that idea are people that are perfectly willing to feed the ambitions of political conspirators who are committed to undercut public interest for personal gain. Hunger for power is spuriously sold as a legitimate driver for politics. 39 years of Zimbabwean political self-rule, familiarity with greed has become the norm, the goodness of hunger for power seems like common sense; the prevailing politics is a classic wicked rule perpetuated and protected by lust for power. 

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Mthwakazi strategic political planning

The poor performance (81 votes) in the recent Lupane East House of Assembly bye-election by a pro-Mthwakazi organisation continues an unwelcome trend, and sad as it is, serves as a valuable pointer only in one direction: A change in the pro-Mthwakazi movement operational ethos is required if the agenda for local empowerment is to take root and endure the test of time.

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