Constitutionalism Mthwakazi’s hope

History of African independence shows us that when presidents are not held accountable to a nation’s laws, they soon run out of motivation to defend the nation but start to focus on building and defending personal interests. A lack of constitutionalism in Zimbabwe has led to decades of arbitrary government which has effectively turned the country into an ethnic Shona territory and a private enterprise of the President and his close allies.

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Find a way, not an excuse

Systematically stripped of its identity, dignity and power and pushed further away from its normal self, Mthwakazi has become unrecognisable from the nation that it could be. It gives a great relief to know that not all is lost, we have the tools to reclaim our national pride. We recognise that will not happen by building a monument of good excuses but good leadership.

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Confronting mainstream media a necessity in fight for Gukurahundi justice

Gukurahundi atrocities mark the darkest moment in Mthwakazi’s history and totally transformed the nation; our perception of our nation was altered. The atrocities shook the foundations of diversity, tore down the very fabric of who we are – a tolerant nation, undermined trust between and within communities, planted suspicion and bred in norms and values founded on paranoia. Also infused was the seed of hatred between tribes and ethnic groups who otherwise had lived peacefully side by side and fought racism together.

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Vilification of Joshua Nkomo is a flawed political strategy

To try and remodel the late Joshua Nkomo and reduce him to a ZANU PF icon and coin his political ideological location as intently anti-Mthwakazi freedom is malicious disinformation that unfortunately saves to afford scoundrels in ZANU PF a peaceable existence they do not deserve. Focusing public ire on Nkomo for Mthwakazi’s problems is political redundancy; it is to lack not only class and vision but a deliberate disinformation and misinformation about Nkomo’s nationalist agenda.

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Mthwakazi suffocates in Zimbabwe’s politics of resource allocation

In an ideal world public sector intervention in economic activity is primarily motivated by the desire for efficient allocation of resources, equal wealth distribution and stabilisation of economic activity in a country. However, in the independent Zimbabwe evidence suggests that ulterior political interests have been the main determinant in deciding the allocation of resources in the regions with a bias towards ZANU PF supporting communities and/ or ethnic Shona dominated provinces.

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Will there be political capital in the Blame Game?

Analysis of its political past helps a nation put its unconscious political actions into words and into context it can be better understood. No patriotic Mthwakazian objects to the scrutiny of Joshua Nkomo’s leadership, but it is the narrative that raises eyebrows. Rather than analyse Nkomo and make judgement of him, we want to understand him within the rightful context and accept him for who he was and inform our political action going forward.

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Learn how Zimbabwean politics and institutions shape poverty in Mthwakazi

Until you have insight of features of slavery, you cannot fight it; until you are able to define your freedom in your own words and freely live your life within that definition, you are not free. For Mthwakazi people to set themselves free, they need to have an understanding that within the borders of Zimbabwe they are not free and equally important, they need insight of the visible and invisible chains restricting their freedom.

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The Mthwakazi state shall rise again

In the mid-1980s following the Zimbabwe State sanctioned genocidal military attacks on unarmed civilians in Matabeleland in the tribal targeted Gukurahundi operation, Matabeleland leadership took an inventory of Zimbabwe’s independence to assess if it served our best interest and identify those aspects that required replacing. PF ZAPU that was a de facto representative of the region assumed the responsibility of reviewing the relationship between the State and Matabeleland.

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There are many plans in Mthwakazi, now it’s planning time

Anyone who professes ignorance of the damaging dysfunction causing lack of political progress in the pro-Mthwakazi politics is dishonest, if not an outright liar. There are many plans on the surface, some are sound, but the absence of and/ or poor planning is costing us progress.

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Transparency of objectives key to success

The strength of the pro-Mthwakazi agenda lies not in political parties but the foundation – the people of Mthwakazi. How people see through the formations and organisations is vital; it is for this reason that inspiring trust with transparency will be the keystone to the future and growth of the pro-Mthwakazi politics.

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