Freedom of speech is no licence to tribalism

Not to speak or express one’s thoughts – for whatever reason – is a violation of one’s liberty. A free Mthwakazi state must commit to respecting the right for people to hold views and freely express them; people must be free to proclaim truth and not be silenced through fear. We are not oblivious to the consequences of that political positioning; indeed we are fully aware of the implications including that it may mean having to deal with uncomfortable revelations – facts or unfounded allegations.

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Conspiracy theorists frustrating pro-Mthwakazi

You do not get to build a nation by nurturing, monetising tribal supremacy and deflecting all criticism. The growth and stability of the pro-Mthwakazi movement will be directly proportional to how representative its power structures and leadership are of local communities. Being sensitive to people’s economic, religious, social and cultural needs is essential, as is honesty, in setting up the foundation of the pro-Mthwakazi revolution.

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The pro-Mthwakazi movement has a duty of care to all – not some – citizens

Citizen doubts over the benefits of an independent Mthwakazi state are legitimate worries seeing what an independent Africa has become. A precedent has been set – in the independent Africa power does not trickle down, it is pumped up. True independence is the preserve for the political elite who extract power from citizens. Far from being a source of freedom, independence has become a source of suffering for ordinary citizens who endure the brutality of power obsessed black masters.

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Pro-Mthwakazi political communication

We argue that effective communication will be an indispensable tool in the real growth of the pro-Mthwakazi politics; communication breaks down the invisible barriers between the public and the leadership. Pro-Mthwakazi politics is no different, its growth is dependent on how well politics, politicians and the public interact. Effective communication creates links between leaders and the electorate, and how messages are delivered – both in terms of timeliness and clarity – is key. It is critical that the priority for the pro-Mthwakazi movement should be building strong communication departments.

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Why Mthwakazi public should still wear masks after taking the Covid-19 vaccine

Why should I continue to wear a mask after taking the Covid-19 vaccine? This is an important question, one of the many trending the social media. It is astounding that we have a vaccine that appears to be 95% effective and very safe; hopefully it will soon be accessible to the public to put an end to the pandemic. Realistically, this will take time. While the Covid-19 vaccines are an achievement that marks historic scientific developments and hold much promise for the future, there is still a lot to be learned about the behaviour of both the virus and the efficacy of the vaccine in the real world. It is critical that people continue to wear masks to protect those yet to receive it.

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Pro-Mthwakazi movement needs to invest in good governance

Experience has taught us that when tribalism is elevated to a system level, the system is reduced to tribalism level. Consequently, an unstable, irresponsible, calamitous system that orchestrates, feeds and benefits from hatred within and between communities, promotes and protects supremacism, tyranny of the majority and/ or the elite, heightens brutality, raise public anxiety and fear, lacks accountability, selectively applies law and promotes more tribalism is created.

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Encountering inconvenience unavoidable in politics

If your dream is to lead people and not just to acquire power, start seeing engaging the public as your essential work not an inconvenience in your journey. Latest social media news suggest resignations, dismissals and generalised allegations of internal disaffection and/ or conflict in one pro-Mthwakazi movement. While this is clearly a distraction, it is not the most catastrophic event in modern Mthwakazi political history. It in fact confirms the active existence of a pro-Mthwakazi movement. The concern however, is the wall of silence from the accused organisations.

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Mthwakazi must understand inaction is action

You will only inspire people when you stand up for something, when you are brave to take responsible risks, when you do what is right, not what is easy nor popular, when instead of being intimidated by the size of the load, you are inspired to figure out how to safely carry it. Let us create new things, transform systems and local institutions to reflect people and communities they represent. We want to inspire people, we want the next generation of Matabeles to look back at us and say, ‘Because of you, we did not give up!’

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Power for its own sake

Building a truly great country requires that correspondingly great men and women acquire political power and use it efficiently for the good of the nation – all people from all tribes and races. The pro-Mthwakazi movement’s sole interest in seeking power must not be for power’s sake but to achieve political goals, power to map out new direction for our nation, and not power because it alone is the Holy Grail to personal privileges, to look after your own, that is, misplaced patronage.

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Do not surrender pro-Mthwakazi project to pseudo saviours

The greatest risk to the pro-Mthwakazi or Matabeleland agenda is not the ZANU PF political decadence but it lies within the territory; we are our own worst enemy and infighting is the major problem. Curiously, we are replicating the very politics that is the source of our troubles within Zimbabwe. The problem is that we have made our politics into a dangerous tribal supremacy game. There is more finger-pointing as different socio-political groups root for the pride of a tribe rather than the good of the nation.

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