Pro-Mthwakazi politics: Communications Departments vital

Home, Information 18 Apr 2019

Those who win elections do so for the most part, because they have effective communication structures and processes. Ideology espoused is important, but it, alone, is not enough. Our political processes need to adapt to the modern challenges. We will only be considered educated when we have learned how to learn and change.

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Systemic tribalism and Shona privilege

Home, Tribal Discrimination, Zimbabwe 11 Apr 2019

The problem of Mthwakazi with the independent Zimbabwe lies not on the tribe leading the politics of the country but the politics in the leading tribe. Our problem is the purposeful construction of a systemic structure that grants privileges to ethnic Shona people and withholds same from us. Clearly, our deprivation is neither accidental phenomena nor a moment of madness but a deliberate, enduring and well-planned political construction of the early 1960s that sort to establish a Shona republic whose aim was to manage Mthwakazi.

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Mthwakazi must promote women political participation and decision-making capacity

Gender Equality, Home, Mthwakazi Politics 12 Mar 2019

There is little doubt about the dysfunction that continues to polarise our political discussion; gender disparity is disabling Mthwakazi systems; we are still a male dominated society with less women in politics and positions of influence; we remain a part of a less inclusive world in which women made up an estimated 49.6% of the population in 2016, but only occupied 23.6% (23.9% in Sub-Saharan region) of parliamentary positions globally.

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