Exercise self-control and control your tongue Matabeleland

With pride, confidence and political consciousness, we acknowledge the positive development within the pro-Mthwakazi political programme; there are objective signs of progressive growth. The only way the political progress we are making can be sustained is by giving special attention to our thought processes. We cannot stop thinking but thoughts can be managed and altered; understanding and managing thoughts is essential for the step forward.

The words we choose to use to express the emotions deriving from our socio-political circumstances will define how we respond to the situation we face and that which is facing us right now. One thing for sure, the world will lose its patience with us if we are always crying victim. In fact, even your own body system gets weary, you feel more awful with every negative expression you make and sink deeper into negative emotion.

Negative emotion draws its comfort from negative thought that itself finds negative words for company. Complaining about your difficulties may initially help raise alarm and draw attention to the problem but you must keep at the back of your mind the fact that the response to the alarm is not dependent on you, if you choose not to respond; in short, while complaining may have a place and time, it will never work as a political strategy for Mthwakazi; it solves no problem, and does no good.

The greatest lesson Mthwakazi has drawn from an imbalanced political partnership with Mashonaland in the modern-day Zimbabwe is that responding to ZANU PF-led government policies and those of the Zimbabwean opposition political parties has not extended our grasp of our political space; if anything, it has oftentimes interrupted our train of thought and put paid to our dreams. We are today unsurprisingly further from decisions impacting our lives than we ever were before 1980!

This is the time we stopped responding to Zimbabwean focused organisations and adopted a positive, future leaning intervention; for, what was defined as a tail wind yesterday is today a headwind. We must never allow ourselves the indignity of allowing our happiness to base on factors outside of our control. Let us take back control of our socio-political space; our political ideals must be dictated by our needs.

There are no shortcuts to the good politics we crave. Internal drive will get us out of complacency, commitment will move us into action and discipline will keep us in the right direction in which we build Mthwakazi and effectively restrict Harare’s influence in our political space. Immense discipline and hard work will be essential; it is political discipline that will get us into a mature habit of making appropriate sacrifices to maintain a decent socio-political space in which every Mthwakazian, irrespective of tribe, truly feels and is indeed included in the decision-making processes within the Mthwakazi political space.

Our political ideologies are shaped by our thoughts; we need to actively replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and that is not beyond our capabilities. How we perceive ourselves influences our thoughts, words and phrases we choose to express our emotions, and by extension our action. Harare will no longer be allowed to limit our dreams, we are the architects and engineers of our goals, and must be responsible for the management of our political space.

We have thoughts running in our heads all the time but not every thought that comes to mind should be given attention; not every thought should be put into word and not every word formed should be spoken out loud without due consideration of its possible consequence on the ground. Let us manage our thoughts, learn to prioritise our actions, be careful with our vocabulary, use our words wisely to proactively cultivate a positive culture, and our actions will change accordingly.

Maintaining discipline may seem difficult, but the cost of indiscipline is too much for us not to change our ways. It is no longer the quickest, but the right answers Mthwakazi requires now. Constant self-discipline and self-control will lead to the development of great policies that we need to empower ourselves. We are no longer seeing blockades but opportunities; we will no longer persistent with knocking on locked doors but will create new openings. Our interest in politics is no longer things over which we have no control, it is certainly not the Harare regime but Mthwakazi empowerment.



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