How do we save education in Matabeleland?

Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon extending beyond financial income to education among other socioeconomic and political factors. The sooner Matabeleland engages with the reality of our academic performance problem, the better. We need to acknowledge that we have a problem of academic attainment, involvement and motivation among young people in the region.

Mthwakazi politics should be built on principles

The politics of Matabeleland needs to shift from a position that sees us continually making apologies for Harare’s impact in Matabeleland to one seeking solutions to problems for which Harare is central. Our aim should be the preservation of our dignity now and for generations to come; that calls for a disciplined stance on mattersContinue reading “Mthwakazi politics should be built on principles”

On why Matabeleland should let go of the Ncube-led MDC and ZAPU

The Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) and the Ncube-led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) are Zimbabwean political parties just like the MDC-T and ZANU PF; that is a fact! The delusion in some Matabeleland quarters has been that ZAPU and the MDC are the closest to Matabeleland interests as Zimbabwean political parties can possibly be.

Let’s keep the Mthwakazi identity

Identity remains a critical issue in human social existence; without a sense of identity, the sense of living is lost. The unitary Zimbabwe state does not appreciate difference; it continues to actively pursue an enforced melting pot ideal while suppressing all consideration of the ‘salad bowl’ multicultural concept. No human being should feel pressured toContinue reading “Let’s keep the Mthwakazi identity”

Will an independent Matabeleland be the saviour?

In the 31 years of a Shona-dominated government Matabeleland and its people have persistently been the poor cousins dependent on hand-downs from their richer cousins in the north of Zimbabwe. However, the same statement can easily be true of many parts of Zimbabwe. The ZANU PF government has failed the aspirations of many Zimbabweans –Continue reading “Will an independent Matabeleland be the saviour?”