Matabeleland leadership must focus its own attention

Understand and accept that changing the politics in Matabeleland starts by Matabeleland leadership changing the way they see everything in Matabeleland politics; and the one thing we have control over is our performance and execution, and that is where our focus should be. To achieve that, the Matabeleland movement leadership must learn to focus itsContinue reading “Matabeleland leadership must focus its own attention”

No moral duty to entertain destructive criticism

The sustained destructive campaign of punching down on every effort of the Matabeleland movement and the ridicule directed at it by a section of Matabeleland Zimbabwe conservatives and/ or lobbyists who would rather preserve the status quo whatever the cost of doing so cannot be called a critique of the Matabeleland movement but deplorable destructiveContinue reading “No moral duty to entertain destructive criticism”

Why election boycott is a weak tool

Raising questions of the credibility of the election institutions in Zimbabwe has become part and parcel of the election process. The electoral process is seriously flawed and no one has shown serious intention to fix the situation which is no wonder some Matabeleland movements are now convinced boycotting elections is our strongest tool.

Using images to manage the image of pro-Mthwakazi politics

Contemporary media has quite literally taken over control of the political communication space leaving politicians and political organisations scrambling for recognition or attention in a rapidly moving and changing narrative. In this digital age, it is no longer the preserve of politicians and political organisations to control or dictate what is newsworthy but that ofContinue reading “Using images to manage the image of pro-Mthwakazi politics”

A fair and sensitive voting system

Voting is vitally important to democracy, it remains the only way that “We the People” self-govern. Elections must not be a charade that exists to legitimise the appropriation of power by political parties and the elite. The political function of elections must be to safeguard the rights of the minority and avoid the tyranny ofContinue reading “A fair and sensitive voting system”