Matabeleland history, Matabeleland responsibility

There is no question about Matabeleland past, it did happen; our concern is the authenticity of Matabeleland history that is now effectively a version of past events as decided and agreed upon in Harare. We have yet to write our own history because we are not in control of the systems that determine what constitutes history in Zimbabwe.

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Ideological credibility key for Matabeleland nationalism

The fundamental aspect of any political ideology is its credibility not how exciting it sounds. Matabeles are responsible for the conditions of their socio-political space; we are the only major blockade to the manifestation of our political dreams and we are the only solution.

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Moving Mthwakazi politics forward

Three decades plus of ZANU PF and Zimbabwean independence has been three decades plus of variable independence across Mashonaland and three decades plus of constructive alienation of Matabeleland from realpolitik. It is three plus decades of being remote from sources and processes that affect decisions that impact our lives.

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Matabeleland better grab liberty

Zimbabwean independence has not lived up to the best intentions of the ’60s and ’70s liberation struggle. The ‘independence’ has struggled to keep to the promise of liberty and equality for all; Matabeleland has suffered the brunt of ZANU PF’s tyranny. Harare continues to actively ignore the rights of non-ethnic Shona nationals; everything Mthwakazi has been consigned to the periphery of Zimbabwe’s socio-political space.

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Zimbabwean independence, Matabeleland disempowerment

Together, Mashonaland and Matabeleland (Zimbabwe) fought colonialism and the white racist government of Ian Smith to gain liberty; our requirement of liberty was the need to reform our social system that was full of inequality among other injustices. 35 years on, our society is still saturated by discrimination and the exploitation of a minority by the majority.

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Promote Matabeleland diversity; promote internal peace

The reports accompanied by a disturbing video and images of renewed xenophobic attacks in parts of Durban in South Africa, the disappearance of over 200 girls and ongoing terror attacks in Nigeria and the many current civil wars within the independent African territory are a disturbing reminder of the continent’s continued failure to create a socio-political environment that is safe for diversity.

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Condemning corruption Matabeleland’s duty

See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing!
See no evil, hear no evil, say nothing!

Condemnation of corruption has to be one of Matabeleland’s central objectives if we are to see real progress. Corruption undermines all systems and processes; it compromises confidence in the functioning of any society and Matabeleland is no exception. It is a scourge that is fast turning out to be the biggest betrayal of our nation.

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