The cost of a rogue state managing chaotic demonstrations

If we cannot question how on 14 January 2019 a protester against fuel price hikes of 130% returned home with food groceries and other basic commodities, and if we cannot challenge how professional security personnel assigned to restore and maintain order from a demonstration that had gone out of hand ended up raping young school [...]


Mthwakazi mind who you align yourself with

The company you keep determines how the world views you. If we keep company of thugs, we will be seen as social misfits. Collaboration of convenience can be costly in real terms if questionable characters are taken aboard; it leaves your credibility and reputation in tatters. Choose alliances wisely or you will be condemned for [...]

Pro-Mthwakazi politics won’t fly on the back of ineffective communication

Now that we have arrived at our belief of a successful pro-Mthwakazi movement not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what we find attractive, it is time to face up to the uncomfortable objective conclusion that there is some movement, but not enough to qualify for progress. While courageous decisions have [...]

Mthwakazi divided is Mthwakazi fallen

External enemies only become a significant risk when enemies within are allowed free reign, when chaos rules and internal security systems slacken, when main gates are left unlocked, doors and windows left unsecured as occupants fight over whose responsibility it is to secure the palace. Quite frankly, we cannot fight for the rights of Mthwakazi [...]

Mthwakazi move to unblock local blockages to independence

We have come a long way to understand that Zimbabwe’s independence is all but a political illusion in which the MDC and ZANU PF are mere competitors for power and not philosophical opponents; both would openly use tribalism for personal and political gain. Zimbabwe is a highly divided country where stereotypes, tribe and class determine [...]

Mthwakazi has to invest on objective policies

There often is no difference between the right thing to do and the hard thing to do. The right thing to do for Mthwakazi right now is to behave maturely to protect our norms and values and the hard thing is to stop ourselves from acting like loose cannons. Together we will prevail, but we [...]

Change approach: A participatory method the only way forward for Mthwakazi

A lesson to be retained by all freedom seekers – freedom is never free; people have to work for it. It is only when we start moving that we will feel the chains restricting us; if we want to be free, we must actively search for the keys and unlock the locks that are keeping [...]