Political opportunists threaten Mthwakazi political space

A seemingly short life characterised with glorious action, and filled with noble risks is by all intents worth more than double a long but selfish life lived in relative safety avoiding risks and without honour. When we choose not to participate in politics we give free rein to hypocrites and panderers.

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Language in politics

Silence can be golden, but being quiet is not a privilege politicians should accustom themselves to, apart from when it is some form of constructive ambiguity. Politicians are in the business of either seeking to comment or react to media stories every day and night. Silence in politics is as potent as a shopkeeper who will not open his/ her shop.

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Matabeleland Collective and the pro-Mthwakazi politics

Matabeleland Collective is a by-product of pro-Mthwakazi’s political shortcomings. Our politics is stumbling not because of ignorance but the illusion of knowledge. We have organisations modelled on arrogance who will not consult the public they claim to represent. We expect organisations to work closely with society to identify mutual problems and solutions.

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Pro-Mthwakazi politics: Communications Departments vital

Those who win elections do so, for the most part, because they have invested in effective communication structures and processes. Ideology espoused is important, but it, alone, is not enough. Our political processes need to adapt to the modern challenges and our educational process will be complete when we have learned how to learn and change.

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