I accept the existence of misfortune but no one has limitless misfortune; at some point, one must look at himself in the mirror and change a thing or two; most problems we face are not a creation of extra-terrestrial beings, they have their root in our actions and inactions, decisions and indecisions. Continue reading

Matabeleland Against Division

The priority of the Mthwakazi movement’s engagement in politics must be to better the lives of people and, not just a vehicle for opportunists to amass political power. The movement does not exist to replace ZANU PF but as a vehicle for the creation of opportunity and access to all who call Matabeleland home. Continue reading

Only a positive campaign befits Matabeleland polity

The Mthwakazi movement needs to adopt a transformational leadership stance that will inspire our people to be what they could be. We want to put to bed a pessimist political face in the region; thus, fighting negativity within our space must be the purpose for our political engagement. Continue reading

Internal division is causing more damage to Matabeleland polity

The best way of weakening our politics and ensuring our political demise is sustained and misdirected internal political division. Critical appraisal of policies is one thing, squabbling is another; the former is constructive, the latter is disruptive often with damaging outcomes. Continue reading

Matabeleland must keep the focus

The greatest deception Matabeleland has suffered has been our belief we were independent; the reality is that we are not walking down the right path; we are going nowhere within the Zimbabwean political system. Surprising…Not! The ZANU PF system is not meant to empower Matabeleland. Continue reading

Mthwakazi youth must participate in Mthwakazi politics

There is no doubt we have entered a period of heightened political enlightenment and activity within Matabeleland. Our future is at stake, we require that everyone not only stays alert but plays their role too. Our youth needs to guard against complacency and thus, falling asleep through this journey. Continue reading