Matabeleland uncompromising stance on respect

Zimbabwe is poor for lack of morality not resources; progress will happen when we reject lies as our socio-political foundation and when we adopt and allow honest and creative politics and not deception to take root and transform the lives of all. When my ability and not my social background ceases to be a factor … Continue reading Matabeleland uncompromising stance on respect


Zimbabwean system must treat citizens equal

No sane person should wake up and be happy with the present state of things in Zimbabwe. We cannot accept the country as it is and lay claim to sanity. Each day we should wake up with a feeling of revulsion because of the injustice of things. First, victims and beneficiaries must reject tribalism and … Continue reading Zimbabwean system must treat citizens equal

Inaction Matabeleland’s deathbed

The greatest gift Matabeleland handed to the anchors (ZANU PF and the MDC) of systematic tribalism in Zimbabwe is inaction; now we have the MDC flagrantly ignoring local interests and imposing outsiders who are clearly naïve to local culture, norms, values and languages to take up executive roles in Matabeleland’s capital city, Bulawayo. A stop … Continue reading Inaction Matabeleland’s deathbed

Mthwakazi to resist intolerance

We will always pride ourselves in being a tolerant nation that fully embraces multi-ethnicity, multiculturalism and difference. We have never been threatened by difference, we have always understood the fact that difference is not inequality. What unites and makes us a truly great nation is the recognition of the reality that all tribes and all … Continue reading Mthwakazi to resist intolerance

Mthwakazi leadership alliance

Evidence at hand indicates that a politically fragmented pro-Mthwakazi movement is no match to the experienced, sophisticated, better resourced and brutally tribalist ZANU PF and MDC-T machinery. The pro-Mthwakazi agenda is drowning in the sea of Zimbabwean institutions; one hopes it has dawned to many of our people that no individual or single group can … Continue reading Mthwakazi leadership alliance

Once and for all, no to tribalism Mthwakazi

As the pro-Mthwakazi agenda enters its new season, we need to redefine how we fight our battles. We must accept now that dictating ‘solutions’ to people has not worked. The reason is most probable that we are ‘solving’ problems that are essentially of politicians’ imagination and not what the public identifies as their problems. Worse … Continue reading Once and for all, no to tribalism Mthwakazi

What Matabeleland learned from Zimbabwean elections (30/07/2018)

We have learnt precious little from the latest election process in Zimbabwe. Contrary to popular belief, elections have not weakened ZANU PF, they have given it the opportunity to ‘legally’ shore up its grip on power. As has become the norm, allegations of widespread electoral manipulation dominate the post-election news. The political and voter apathy … Continue reading What Matabeleland learned from Zimbabwean elections (30/07/2018)