Stimulating political activism

Often, participatory politics advocates within the Mthwakazi political space assume that political apathy is the result of naivety or selfishness or indifference, when in fact it is much more likely the result of systematic and intensive social and political conditioning.

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Strengthen local politics to rebuild a nation

Do not believe the oppressor’s interpretation of the victim’s behaviour, listen to the oppressed. Becoming conscious of tribalism and confronting it wherever it raises its ugly head does not make one a tribalist. Pro-Mthwakazi groups and individuals who highlight and challenge tribalism in Zimbabwe must not be confused with the real tribalists in government.

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Explaining Matabeleland’s political apathy

Throughout the course of Zimbabwean independence history, the Shona tribe and/ or ethnic Shona people have been a privileged population group, that is to say they have enjoyed special treatment, rights and an elevated social status in comparison to group outsiders. Ethnic Shona people dominate all facets of Zimbabwean life and their voices and opinions are valued more heavily in society. The systematic discrimination silences all marginalised groups, and the direct consequence of that has been the growing mistrust in the system and gross political apathy in Matabeleland.

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Building an effective pro-Mthwakazi structure

Politics in Mthwakazi can turn the corner, we have the talent to turn the tide; our suffering can be history; we have the ideological capacity to transform a struggling pro-Mthwakazi politics into an effective structure thus, alter our political destiny. We can take back political control from the major Zimbabwe political organisations, but we need excellent leaders in place.

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Mthwakazi must side with Chief Ndiweni

Mthwakazi suffers in Zimbabwe because we have been too cowardly to do what we knew to be right, as we had been too cowardly to avoid doing what we knew to be wrong. We have known that national government in Zimbabwe is synonymous to the subjugation of Matabeleland by Mashonaland; instead of challenging, we have embraced the illusion that we have no choice just to relieve ourselves of responsibility.  

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We can’t afford neutrality

Generations before us fought not against the white leaders but the oppressive laws and their systems brought in by white leaders of the time. In equal measure, we in Mthwakazi will not focus on tribe but the system and its laws and fight them. Our biggest let down has been those individuals, groups, movements and organisations who in this time of political decadence and great moral crisis opt to maintain their neutrality.

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Building bridges between Mthwakazi parties

The type of leadership Mthwakazi needs to move forward would be one that brings people together and not one that sets neighbour upon neighbour, and not one that amplifies and demonises difference within communities while ignoring shared interests. We are different but one people; when the safety of a neighbour is compromised yours is not guaranteed.

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Why Mthwakazi must reject the FPTP system

How people choose their leaders is just as important as the right to choose. It is increasingly evident that how we choose our leadership in Zimbabwe has played a significant role in our government failure and the associated public suffering. In the First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) system we curiously support a political system that promotes argument over creativity and expect an innovative government in place.

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Mthwakazi informed politics the only relevant one

Witnessing the impeachment process and the subsequent acquittal of the USA president, it confirmed what I have always thought, “There’s nothing special about US or Western democracy for it to be sold as a model for global use.” I was left with no doubt that the only political template relevant to us will be one whose chapter only we have written and only we understand.

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Political plurality not Mthwakazi’s problem, how parties operate is

Diversity of political views in Mthwakazi comes as no surprise, we are a tolerant, culturally diverse, multinational state. What is surprising rather is the extent to which individuals and groups (political and civic) holding different views have, for years now, been willing to surrender their responsibilities and allow for that diversity to maintain Mthwakazi’s political prisoner status in Zimbabwe.

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