Tsvangirai: The curse of an unchanging dictator trying to lead change

We deny not that ZANU PF rule has been nothing short of a socio-political disaster but so has been the Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership of the main opposition, the Movement of Democratic Change (MDC-T). Tsvangirai’s leadership has been a monumental disaster, a giant experiment that has spectacularly failed; it is time to put this embarrassment to a halt now.

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Tsvangirai’s media fans maybe doing him a disservice

If there is any conclusion to be drawn from reports, denials and rejection of Morgan Tsvangirai’s potential suspension as MDC-T’s president it is that the MDC-T is a chaotic organisation. The role of the media in canonizing Tsvangirai comes into question too. The independent media’s evasion of responsibility is worrying; the media has not acted as the fair monitor of the performance of political leaders on behalf of the population.

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MDC-T’s new recruits are a convenient diversion

It is not the biggest but the right crowd that Zimbabweans should be seeking to associate with. The MDC-T is the biggest opposition party but in its current form and the reputation it has built over the last fifteen years, it is just not the right crowd.

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MDC-T leadership renewal

In principle and indeed in practice, I tend to agree with Elton Mangoma’s call for leadership change and in particular his call for Tsvangirai to stand down as the leader of the MDC-T. If the MDC-T is serious about wanting to change Zimbabwe’s politics, it has to look at changing itself first. Undemocratic internal party laws must not be used to unfairly protect the structures of authority, hierarchy and dominion within the MDC-T; no party position should be beyond challenge; no position holder should be unduly protected from challenge.

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Time for Tsvangirai to stand down

After 14 years of major strategic mistakes and failures, I firmly believe that Mr Tsvangirai is no longer electable and thus not worth staying with. He has contradicted just about every statement he has made and broken just about every promise he has made.

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Zimbabwean politics: smaller parties have a right to exist!

It is a time to review whether the two-party system is the way into the Zimbabwean political future. It is impossible to believe that ZANU PF and the MDC-T meet the needs of all citizens today. Does the current two-party system enhance political accountability? Who represents the interests of minorities within a minority?

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