Something needs to change in Matabeleland

Just as we thought we had been freed from Ian Smith’s racist government and institutions tribalism took over the space. We were butchered – for nothing but being different – by those with whom we had suffered and fought racism together for decades. As Matabeleland, we continue to be suffocated under the blanket of tribalism,Continue reading “Something needs to change in Matabeleland”

What lessons has Matabeleland taken from the Gukurahundi atrocities?

One constant and perhaps most significant lesson Matabeleland has taken from the Gukurahundi experience is that we have learnt precious little from it. We are still slaves to fear. Understandably, many of us are still seething with anger in response to ZANU PF inflicted atrocities in the region hence most, certainly not all, of ourContinue reading “What lessons has Matabeleland taken from the Gukurahundi atrocities?”

The Gukurahundi deception cannot go unchallenged

Anyone still entertaining the idea of a link between Gukurahundi atrocities and the alleged presence of dissidents in Matabeleland while at the same time buying into the explanation that the 5th Brigade executions of unarmed Ndebele people were a ‘moment of madness’ will have to express that conviction at the nearest available psychiatric institution.

Zimbabwe’s independence just a fudge!

At independence the challenge for the black majority government was not whether it could govern the country but rather how well it could govern the country. We wanted to be an independent state, a state that could increase access to opportunities for its citizens, a state that could run its own affairs; this remains ourContinue reading “Zimbabwe’s independence just a fudge!”

Matabeleland not a cradle for ethnic discrimination

To most people in Matabeleland (Mthwakazi) the experience of Zimbabwean independence has been anything but independence; we have first-hand experience of the segregation of people along ethnic grounds; discriminating against languages people speak and/ or race has become a significant part of ZANU PF facilitated Mashonaland freedom. It is a disgrace that 36 years intoContinue reading “Matabeleland not a cradle for ethnic discrimination”

Why Gukurahundi should not be forgotten

The history that has crept its way into the minds and hearts of many Zimbabweans and continues to shape present-day Zimbabwe while threatening the existence of Matabeleland as a separate socio-political entity must not be encouraged any longer; the past told in lounges and kitchens of Matabeleland is the pillar that should not only confrontContinue reading “Why Gukurahundi should not be forgotten”

Colonialism, Gukurahundi and a Mthwakazi state

Keystone maneuvers in the agenda for Mthwakazi self-determination are gathering pace though most of the work is currently being conducted on social media. The online location and execution of aims is best understood from the contextual reality that advocating for a nationalism of the oppressed remains a good way of getting one killed, we haveContinue reading “Colonialism, Gukurahundi and a Mthwakazi state”