Action (and not words alone) required for Matabeleland survival

Zimbabwean politics is set out to disable Matabeleland; it compromises every socioeconomic and political indicator in the region. However, disabling as the Zimbabwean politics maybe, the way Matabeleland is dealing with it is even more damaging. Matabeleland needs to act!

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Africa: Past and Present Part 2

At independence African governments embarked on socioeconomic policies that sort to redress the inequalities caused by the racially biased policies of previous governments. Controversial black empowerment policies mark the economic philosophies of most governments. Even more questionable are the indigenisation policies which have been employed at varying degrees by, among many countries, Uganda and of late, Zimbabwe.

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Africa: Past and Present Part 1

We have to look back in history not necessarily to live in the past but to inform the present for the future. Development cannot be measured or ascertained unless we can make sense of our underdeveloped past and its impact to our lives. In the same token we cannot plan for the future when we do not understand the present and cannot interrogate that present. Africa suffers now because its development, although traceable, lacks plausible local links; development without roots leads to confusion and disillusion. Instead of building on local norms and values, Africa’s development undermines and at times contradicts those norms and values.

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