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What Matabeleland learned from Zimbabwean elections (30/07/2018)

First Past The Post, Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Politics, Voting Systems 11 Aug 2018

We have learnt precious little from the latest election process in Zimbabwe. Contrary to popular belief, elections have not weakened ZANU PF, they have given it the opportunity to ‘legally’ shore up its grip on power. As has become the norm, allegations of widespread electoral manipulation dominate the post-election news. The political and voter apathy goes on in Matabeleland. Read More


The First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) voting system misrepresents Matabeleleland voters

Democracy, First Past The Post, Home 20 Dec 2013

As is now standard practice in Zimbabwean elections, the 31-Jul-2013 election outcome was immediately followed by rumblings from the main opposition, the MDC-T, who felt there were numerous elements not quite fair about it.

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Zimbabwe’s elections and their irrelevance to democracy

First Past The Post, Home, Politics, Voting Systems 13 Dec 2013

Elections are indispensable to democracy yet holding elections must not be seen as evidence of democracy. Democracy cannot be measured merely on the basis of a country holding regular ‘free and fair’ elections where ‘free’ and ‘fair’ are subjectively determined by the political elite. Read More