A call for Mthwakazi nationalists to address gender (in)equality

27th Prime Minister of Australia 2010 - 2013

27th Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Eileen Gillard (2010 – 2013)

The objectification of women continues to define and blight the human social landscape. As an interested male observer, I have been both appalled and embarrassed by the general treatment of Julia Eileen Gillard,the Australian Prime Minister until her recent ouster by Kevin Rudd; be it the opposition menu, the infamous ‘Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail’, or the radio interview, the deposed Australian PM has borne the brunt of the most appalling male attitudes towards women in power yet her experiences are just but a tip of the iceberg. Continue reading

On why reviving the Ndebele monarchy may be misguided

King Lobengula (1845 - 1894), second and last Mthwakazi king (1870 - 1894)

King Lobengula (1845 – 1894), second and last Mthwakazi king (1870 – 1894)

Recently a question was asked of the role the Ndebele royal family should play in an independent Mthwakazi. My immediate thought was ‘What role is the Ndebele royal family playing in a subjugated Mthwakazi?’ Should we – in the knowledge of the demographic and political changes in Mthwakazi – entertain the idea of a Ndebele (or any other ethnic group for that matter) monarchy at the helm of a multi-ethnic Mthwakazi state? Continue reading