Legislation does not create homosexuality

The Zimbabwean anti-gay lobby is active and unrelenting in its attempts to smoother any discussion of gay rights. If the self-appointed moral standards bearers are to be believed, homosexuality is not African; rather, it is an ungodly, abhorrent behaviour that has no place among black African society. What race, nationality or religion is homosexuality then? In perhaps a first for a leading and active Zimbabwean politician, the Prime Minister Mr Morgan Tsvangirai was reported to have suggested that there was a place for gay rights in Zimbabwe. One would assume that the PM was not misquoted and there has been no denial of this position from him or his office and it does not seem there will be one, at least not unless his ratings start to tumble down! Continue reading

Miss Semenya a victim of incompetency

It is unfortunate that the athletic brilliance of Caster Semenya has been undermined by the gender saga. What should have been a moment to savour has turned into a sex inquisition. A lot has been said and accusations have been thrown back and forth but this young woman’s welfare has, to date, been hugely ignored. Continue reading