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What would Tsvangirai’s public HIV test achieve?

Health, Home, Politics, Zimbabwe 6 Dec 2011

In as much as I agree with most of Jonathan Moyo’s alleged take on Tsvangirai’s sexual behaviour or misconduct and strongly disapprove of promiscuity in general, I do not agree with the alleged assertion that Tsvangirai should go for a public HIV test before he participates in the forthcoming elections.

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Britain: Institutional racism within the mental health services (2)

Health, Home 2 Aug 2010

In a previous article (read below), it was pointed out that black people seem to be getting a raw deal from the mental health services. Black people are more likely than white people to be admitted and detained within the mental health services. Significantly, the agencies pointing at the perceived injustices have not offered any explanations for the indifferent treatment of black people within the mental health services.

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Britain: Institutional racism within the mental health services (1)

Health, Home 29 Jul 2010

Among other enquiries and reports, the 1985 Mental Health Act Commission’s First Biennial Report 1983-85 and the 2006 ‘Count Me In’ report (Health Commission, 2007 cited by Patel and Heginbotham, 2007) have concluded that the Mental Health services were riddled with institutional racism. It is a widely accepted reality that Black people are more than likely to be admitted to and detained in the mental health service compared to White people. Patel and Heginbotham (2007) point out that Black groups are between 3 and 5 times more likely to be admitted to psychiatric hospitals than the national average. Read More