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Matabeleland better grab liberty

Devolution of power, Education, Ethnicity, Federalism, Home, Human Rights, Politics 21 Jul 2015

Zimbabwean independence has not lived up to the best intentions of the ’60s and ’70s liberation struggle. The ‘independence’ has struggled to keep to the promise of liberty and equality for all; Matabeleland has suffered the brunt of ZANU PF’s tyranny. Harare continues to actively ignore the rights of non-ethnic Shona nationals; everything Mthwakazi has been consigned to the periphery of Zimbabwe’s socio-political space. Read More


Zimbabwe not ready to breakaway from dictatorship

Democracy, Education, Home, Information, ZANU PF, Zimbabwe 9 Jun 2015

We are acutely aware of Zimbabwe’s elaborate political system of manipulation, intimidation and disempowerment. Zimbabwe’s independence has set free dictators but enslaved the people. It is a system that handsomely rewards conformists but shows little tolerance for independent thinkers. Read More

In pursuit of a good education for Matabeleland

Education, Home 22 Feb 2015

Political control is imperative for Matabeleland but it alone will not solve the main Matabeleland problem of a general lack of good education. Good education is essential, we need to look at the way our young people are taught; it must not only be about educating people to acquire qualifications to get jobs; the objective must be good education, whatever that is.

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How do we save education in Matabeleland?

Education, Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Zimbabwe 15 Feb 2015

Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon extending beyond financial income to education among other socioeconomic and political factors. The earlier Matabeleland engages with the reality of our academic performance problem, the better. We need to acknowledge that we have a problem of academic attainment, involvement and motivation among young people in the region.

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Mthwakazi’s future must be waged and won in the public school

Education, Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Nonviolent resistance 22 Dec 2012

Mthwakazi’s future lies beyond the mere schooling of masses; it lies in the education of the Mthwakazi masses. While Zimbabwe’s education system has been good enough to empower some individual Mthwakazians, it has been equally effective in disempowering the Mthwakazi society. Mthwakazi’s acquired ignorance and not Zimbabwe’s monopoly on military resources is now the latter’s strength in maintaining its grip on the former. Read More