Mthwakazi needs political coalitions

Millions of Mthwakazi citizens are literally desperate for a political movement that truly challenges the status quo and its political damage in Mthwakazi. But, for the fear of being called tribalists, many openly opposed to ZANU PF tyrannical actions in Mthwakazi have tended to stay away from robust progressive Mthwakazi empowerment movements opting to conspire with the enemy and shelter in the false opposition politics offered by the MDC formations.

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Political indiscipline Mthwakazi’s curse

Quite frankly, most of our challenges and difficulties today are a clear expression of political indiscipline which has overseen the domination of the political space by individuals and groups not equipped and some unwilling to lead a genuine social and political transformation.

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Mthwakazi divided is Mthwakazi fallen

External enemies only become a significant risk when enemies within are allowed free reign, when chaos rules and internal security systems slacken, when main gates are left unlocked, doors and windows left unsecured as occupants fight over whose responsibility it is to secure the palace.

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Mthwakazi move to unblock local blockages to independence

We have come a long way to understand that Zimbabwe’s independence is all but a political illusion in which the MDC and ZANU PF are mere competitors for power and not philosophical opponents; both would openly use tribalism for personal and political gain.

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Mthwakazi has to invest on objective policies

There often is no difference between the right thing to do and the hard thing to do. The right thing to do for Mthwakazi right now is to behave maturely to protect our norms and values and the hard thing is to stop ourselves from acting like loose cannons.

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Why a positive foundation is essential for Mthwakazi political progress

As our suffering mounts, we realise that major adjustments are required for Mthwakazi to adequately respond to the experience. For political progress,a period of political neutrality must come to an end; we must take sides. Neutrality is a political haven for the oppressor not the victim.

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If double standards front Mthwakazi politics, freedom will be the loser

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