Matabeleland needs a proportionally representative electoral system

We have raised concerns about the unfairness of Zimbabwean political systems to Mthwakazi and questioned the conduct of election processes in Zimbabwe but there has yet to be an in-depth and sustained debate on the electoral system itself. Continue reading


Of what benefit is voting? Matabeleland ponders

Voting is not by itself a mark of democracy, it is the counting process that sets apart real democracy and going through the motion. Zimbabwe has not shown an interest in extending democracy to the vote counting process; its democracy only places emphasis on the moment the voter enters the voting booth and nothing else about the electoral process.Elections Continue reading

Free choice is all Matabeleland asks of Zimbabwe

When the generation before us saw the need for socio-political parity and thus, physically responded to the colonial remnant racist regime of Mr. Ian Smith, the primary objective was to establish not just a black led government but a peaceful, truly democratic, fairer and non-discriminatory society. Continue reading