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Mthwakazi divided is Mthwakazi fallen

Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Revolution 2 Jan 2019

External enemies only become a significant risk when enemies within are allowed free reign, when chaos rules and internal security systems slacken, when main gates are left unlocked, doors and windows left unsecured as occupants fight over whose responsibility it is to secure the palace.

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Mthwakazi move to unblock local blockages to independence

Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Revolution 24 Dec 2018

We have come a long way to understand that Zimbabwe’s independence is all but a political illusion in which the MDC and ZANU PF are mere competitors for power and not philosophical opponents; both would openly use tribalism for personal and political gain.

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If double standards front Mthwakazi politics, freedom will be the loser

Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Revolution, Tribal Discrimination 25 Nov 2018

In colonial Zimbabwe people’s value became their skin colour, as in independent Zimbabwe people have become their tribe. Success and failure are subjectively defined; how good or bad an act is, is tied with the tribe that has committed it; for one tribe, crimes are those committed by the other tribe. Read More

Open not your doors to dictatorship Mthwakazi

Home, Revolution 11 Oct 2018

While it is essential that we keep an eagle’s eye on the manoeuvres of the enemy, let us not forget it is not inessential not to be distracted from tyrannical attitudes of some of those who purport to be fighting our battles. Any Mthwakazi organisation or formation hoping to stand for us must be prepared to be judged by us for us, and none shall escape the scrutiny of our people. Read More