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Mthwakazi: Planning and patience key

Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Nonviolent resistance 3 Mar 2019

Our problems today are broadly similar to those that undermine most modern African states and that many other past societies also struggled to solve. Zimbabwe’s rocky past offers us a rich database from which we can learn in order that we may build a better political system with equally strong supporting institutions.

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Change approach: A participatory method the only way forward for Mthwakazi

Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Nonviolent resistance 9 Dec 2018

A lesson to be retained by all freedom seekers – freedom is never free; people have to work for it. It is only when we start moving that we will feel the chains restricting us; if we want to be free, we must actively search for the keys and unlock the locks that are keeping us chained. We will claim ownership of our freedom; no single group has authority over us and we will let no one dictate the terms of our freedom; we will be a part of institutions meant to free us. Read More

Strategic planning is essential to Matabeleland political growth

Home, Nonviolent resistance, Patriotism 15 Nov 2018

Zimbabwe’s disastrous tribal supremacy politics has quite literally shattered Matabeleland’s political grasp while the subsequent cynicism and pessimism have destroyed Matabeles’ confidence in politics, damaged people’s participation and undermined institutions of all kind. We thus stand demoralised, defeated and marginalised within what should be independence in Zimbabwe.

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Inaction Matabeleland’s deathbed

Democracy, Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Nonviolent resistance, Tribal Discrimination 10 Sep 2018

The greatest gift Matabeleland handed to the anchors (ZANU PF and the MDC) of systematic tribalism in Zimbabwe is inaction; now we have the MDC flagrantly ignoring local interests and imposing outsiders who are clearly naïve to local culture, norms, values and languages to take up executive roles in Matabeleland’s capital city, Bulawayo. A stop must be put to this; we can no longer afford to open ourselves to such appropriation of our support. Read More

Mthwakazi to resist intolerance

Ethnicity, Home, Nonviolent resistance, Tribal Discrimination 2 Sep 2018

We will always pride ourselves in being a tolerant nation that fully embraces multi-ethnicity, multiculturalism and difference. We have never been threatened by difference, we have always understood the fact that difference is not inequality. What unites and makes us a truly great nation is the recognition of the reality that all tribes and all cultures are distinct and individual, and we fully embrace that.  Read More

Why the armed forces must not be routinely asked to do police work

Home, Nonviolent resistance, Politics, Violent resistance, Zimbabwe 5 Aug 2018

The violent post-election clashes witnessed on Wednesday 01/08/2018 in Zimbabwe in which six civilians needlessly lost their lives when the Army opened fire on protesters in Harare do not only show the immaturity of the MDC leadership and insensitivity of ZANU PF but also remind us of the importance of keeping the armed forces in their barracks for as long as possible and allow our police/ peace forces to protect and serve the public in cases of civil disobedience. Read More

Mthwakazi politics: going back from a wrong turn is progress

Democracy, Home, Mthwakazi Politics, Nonviolent resistance, Tribal Discrimination 22 Jul 2018

Our politics cannot base itself on the law of the jungle, and the unilateral and indiscriminate abuse of citizens based on tribe is the law of the jungle. There are men and women of principle across the sociopolitical divide, but we are yet to see a party of principle. At present we are witnesses to unacceptable excesses right across the political spectrum because political parties have failed to set themselves minimum standards or codes of acceptable behaviour. Read More