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Political bigotry and not ethnic diversity the problem

Ethnicity, Home, Morgan Tsvangirai, Politics 17 Sep 2017

Tsvangirai is yet to let me down; he is consistently clueless and will confidently display it whenever given the chance as was the case at White City Stadium in Bulawayo recently. His concerns of what he perceives to be a peace threatening culture of ethnic extremism are imaginary at best and a lie at worst. Read More


Tsvangirai: The curse of an unchanging dictator trying to lead change

Democracy, Home, MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe 17 May 2015

We deny not that ZANU PF rule has been nothing short of a socio-political disaster but so has been the Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership of the main opposition, the Movement of Democratic Change (MDC-T). Tsvangirai’s leadership has been a monumental disaster, a giant experiment that has spectacularly failed; it is time to put this embarrassment to a halt now. Read More

Zimbabwe’s political future is bigger than any one man

Democracy, Home, Information, Morgan Tsvangirai, Politics 3 May 2014

For all his popularity, Morgan Tsvingirai is not a lesser dictator! For the better part of the last 15 years he has become the face of Zimbabwe’s faltering opposition politics; he has become a political figure portraying himself as a democrat yet wilfully subverting democratic principles and processes for personal gains at every opportunity. He has become a disaster in-waiting; a political figure who requires temporary suspension of reason by the electorate as a necessity to support his policies.

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Tsvangirai’s media fans maybe doing him a disservice

Democracy, Home, Information, MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai, Politics, Welshman Ncube 27 Apr 2014

If there is any conclusion to be drawn from reports, denials and rejection of Morgan Tsvangirai’s potential suspension as MDC-T’s president it is that the MDC-T is a chaotic organisation. The role of the media in canonizing Tsvangirai comes into question too. The independent media’s evasion of responsibility is worrying; the media has not acted as the fair monitor of the performance of political leaders on behalf of the population.

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Biased media helping suppress any hope for democracy in Zimbabwe

Democracy, Home, Information, Morgan Tsvangirai, Politics 24 Apr 2014

In the media moral realm where there is scant consensus over what constitutes a proper basis of moral behaviour I will not attempt to dictate moral codes. Media houses are free to report on anything and everything and in any which way they want for as long as ‘agreed’ ethical boundaries are respected. The least we can ask is for the media to respect the consumer of the news.

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An incompetent dictatorship doesn’t make a democracy

Home, MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai, Politics 22 Feb 2014

A lie travels halfway the world before the truth has even finished inputting its navigation coordinates. A lie has been told over and over that the MDC-T is a democratic organisation and ZANU PF is the opposite. The truth remains that the two parties are not exactly opposites; they stand on the same side of the turf, utilise identical tactics, use the same ball and aim for exactly the same goal and that goal is to keep power off the public grasp.

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Time for Tsvangirai to stand down

Democracy, Home, MDC-T, Morgan Tsvangirai, Politics, Zimbabwe 24 Sep 2013

After 14 years of major strategic mistakes and failures, I firmly believe that Mr Tsvangirai is no longer electable and thus not worth staying with. He has contradicted just about every statement he has made and broken just about every promise he has made. The latest election failure was a predictable tragedy. It is clear now that under Tsvangirai the MDC has no capacity to revamp and rejuvenate itself, offer new and better ideas to the electorate today and well into the 2018 general election and beyond.

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