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Mnangagwa’s political deception

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Home, Joshua Nkomo, Politics, Tribal Discrimination, Zimbabwe 23 Sep 2015

It is not lost to the Matabeleland constituency that Zimbabwe’s independence has been nothing but an ethnic Shona franchise that disproportionately benefits the ethnic Shona constituency. Zimbabwean politics is a ZANU PF tribal supremacist creation based on habitual and uninterrupted deception. Read More


Matabeleland critics should show political creativity

Home, Joshua Nkomo, Mthwakazi Politics 31 Jan 2015

To date, the Zimbabwean regime has successfully kept the Mthwakazi nation passive by limiting the spectrum of acceptable opinion and tightly controlling the level of debate within the political space. While the rejuvenation of the nationalist agenda and critique of such local greats as Dr Joshua Nkomo are a welcome development in the 21st Century Matabeleland socio-political environment, the current standard and focus of debate lacks conviction. Read More