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  • Matabeleland: Put brakes on toxic political conspiracies

    Conspiracy theorists believe in conspiracy because it is comforting. The truth of the Matabeleland internal politics is that it is frighteningly chaotic; nobody is in control, not even the Nguni legion. Contrary to conspiracy theorists’ assertions, Nguni people weld no control over the politics pertaining in Matabeleland. A well-known Kalanga conspiracy theorist suggest that Matabeleland […]


  • Take BaKalanga’s co-optation fears serious

    No question is too big or too small to be addressed; we must be mature enough to be comfortable with our ideology being questioned. When skeptical communities enquire about the degree of inclusivity of the pro-Mthwakazi agenda and even challenge the use of the name ‘Mthwakazi’, we owe it to the agenda to truthfully address […]

  • Political provocation and the myth of Ndebele Kalanga oppression

    Virtue signalling and victimhood can never be a credible founding block for change if the Kalanga people want to revive their nation and be at the centre of political decisions impacting their lives. To say Ndebeles and Shonas are suppressing Kalanga culture is a shameful aversion of reality. Some coward within the BaKalanga community is […]

  • Mthwakazi hit by toxic ethnocentrism

    Being alert to events in and around Mthwakazi politics is important for growth; our present political reality demands that we face up to the fact that an internal rigid tribal dogma is threatening political rejuvenation by diverting attention away from processes meant to enable a Mthwakazi political agenda. This is a disturbing scenario in which […]

  • The rebirth of BuKalanga: An honest project or political piracy?

    Debate is one of the cornerstones of thriving democracies; it may not always lead to agreement but with every debate there is growth in the knowledge base and tolerance threshold of the participants. For that reason the emergence of Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo and his pet project ‘The Rebirth of BuKalanga’ should be a welcome dimension within […]