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Mthwakazi values must make the foundation of politics in Mthwakazi

The political instability shadowing Mthwakazi is no accident but a predictable outcome of our capitulation to the weight of Zimbabwean chaos and confusion. We cannot expect to strengthen ourselves by imitating the same ZANU PF values that form the base of failed systems and institutions of today. Continue reading

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Open not your doors to dictatorship Mthwakazi

While it is essential that we keep an eagle’s eye on the manoeuvres of the enemy, let us not forget it is not inessential not to be distracted from tyrannical attitudes of some of those who purport to be fighting our battles. Any Mthwakazi organisation or formation hoping to stand for us must be prepared to be judged by us for us, and none shall escape the scrutiny of our people. Continue reading

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Zimbabwean government not taking Matabeleland concerns seriously

What we are witnessing in Zimbabwe is the maturation and expansion, in real terms, of a polarised political space first construed by ZANU in 1963, put to paper in its 1979 Grand Plan White Paper and effected from 1980. This is a space whose primary ideological concern is the security and safety of ethnic Shona people while increasing the vulnerability of other ethnic groups with the expectation of their eventual annihilation. Continue reading

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Inaction Matabeleland’s deathbed

The greatest gift Matabeleland handed to the anchors (ZANU PF and the MDC) of systematic tribalism in Zimbabwe is inaction; now we have the MDC flagrantly ignoring local interests and imposing outsiders who are clearly naïve to local culture, norms, values and languages to take up executive roles in Matabeleland’s capital city, Bulawayo. A stop must be put to this; we can no longer afford to open ourselves to such appropriation of our support. Continue reading

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Mthwakazi to resist intolerance

We will always pride ourselves in being a tolerant nation that fully embraces multi-ethnicity, multiculturalism and difference. We have never been threatened by difference, we have always understood the fact that difference is not inequality. What unites and makes us a truly great nation is the recognition of the reality that all tribes and all cultures are distinct and individual, and we fully embrace that.  Continue reading

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Mthwakazi leadership alliance

Evidence at hand indicates that a politically fragmented pro-Mthwakazi movement is no match to the experienced, sophisticated, better resourced and brutally tribalist ZANU PF and MDC-T machinery. The pro-Mthwakazi agenda is drowning in the sea of Zimbabwean institutions; one hopes it has dawned to many of our people that no individual or single group can save it quick enough by himself, we need a group of us.

Continue reading
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Why the armed forces must not be routinely asked to do police work

The violent post-election clashes witnessed on Wednesday 01/08/2018 in Zimbabwe in which six civilians needlessly lost their lives when the Army opened fire on protesters in Harare do not only show the immaturity of the MDC leadership and insensitivity of ZANU PF but also remind us of the importance of keeping the armed forces in their barracks for as long as possible and allow our police/ peace forces to protect and serve the public in cases of civil disobedience. Continue reading