Eddie Cross’ Ndebele/ Khalanga tribalism clanger

Liars anchoring the political life cycle of Zimbabwe have managed to convince themselves that Matabeleland is a threat to national unity and have treated it as one. This deception is nothing but a chunk of deliberate lies reduced and meticulously put into practice. The whole Zimbabwean system is a political sham frequently patched and propped … Continue reading Eddie Cross’ Ndebele/ Khalanga tribalism clanger


Political bigotry and not ethnic diversity the problem

Tsvangirai is yet to let me down; he is consistently clueless and will confidently display it whenever given the chance as was the case at White City Stadium in Bulawayo recently. His concerns of what he perceives to be a peace threatening culture of ethnic extremism are imaginary at best and a lie at worst. … Continue reading Political bigotry and not ethnic diversity the problem

Mthwakazi be not fooled

By and through Gukurahundi, ZANU PF tried to bring us to our knees but we have stood up even stronger. However, internal political indiscipline, naivety, incompetency and strategy inconsistency are significant factors threatening to bring down the Mthwakazi resuscitation movement. Self-governance has failed in Zimbabwe for lack of self-discipline, Mthwakazi empowerment will fail for the … Continue reading Mthwakazi be not fooled

Matabeleland: An attack on one is an attack on all

The dream of an independent Zimbabwe defined by universal justice fell flat on its face before the ink dried on paper. The Zimbabwean world is nothing but coordinated chaos punctuated with selective justice in which political and/ or ethnic affiliation determines how the law is interpreted and/ or applied. In such a world, we owe … Continue reading Matabeleland: An attack on one is an attack on all

Mnangagwa’s political deception

It is not lost to the Matabeleland constituency that Zimbabwe’s independence has been nothing but an ethnic Shona franchise that disproportionately benefits the ethnic Shona constituency. Zimbabwean politics is a ZANU PF tribal supremacist creation based on habitual and uninterrupted deception. The Zimbabwean Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa’s allegation of some impropriety in Nkomo’s political interaction … Continue reading Mnangagwa’s political deception

To the Matabeleland electorate

There is no greater irresponsibility than standing by and watching your nation lose control of its socio-political fabric. The starting point of all achievement is desire. The Zimbabwean electoral process is a fraud that continues to legitimize the violation of minority rights by majority voters. In our entire life of voting in Zimbabwe we, the … Continue reading To the Matabeleland electorate

Tsvangirai: The curse of an unchanging dictator trying to lead change

We deny not that ZANU PF rule has been nothing short of a socio-political disaster but so has been the Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership of the main opposition, the Movement of Democratic Change (MDC-T). Tsvangirai’s leadership has been a monumental disaster, a giant experiment that has spectacularly failed; it is time to put this embarrassment to … Continue reading Tsvangirai: The curse of an unchanging dictator trying to lead change