One challenge, multiple solutions

No one denies the complexity of our political situation, but that cannot be allowed to overwhelm us. We must, without losing the material value of the situation, simplify it sufficiently enough for the public to appreciate where Mthwakazi stands politically. Only when we start to appreciate the complexity of Mthwakazi’s challenge, will we understand there can never be one solution.

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Consistency crucial if Mthwakazi brand is to succeed

It will not be what we do once in a while that will shape our politics. Rather, it is what we do consistently. Political parties must build a culture of consistency into their system and learn to ignore interesting but trivial sideshows that are inconsistent with their priorities.

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Mthwakazi needs political coalitions

Millions of Mthwakazi citizens are literally desperate for a political movement that truly challenges the status quo and its political damage in Mthwakazi. But, for the fear of being called tribalists, many openly opposed to ZANU PF tyrannical actions in Mthwakazi have tended to stay away from robust progressive Mthwakazi empowerment movements opting to conspire with the enemy and shelter in the false opposition politics offered by the MDC formations.

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Political opportunists threaten Mthwakazi political space

A seemingly short life characterised with glorious action, and filled with noble risks is by all intents worth more than double a long but selfish life lived in relative safety avoiding risks and without honour. When we choose not to participate in politics we give free rein to hypocrites and panderers.

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