Is violent resistance by the Matabeleland movement justifiable?

Jostling for basics in life typifies civil society struggles under a ZANU PF government in an independent Zimbabwe. The Independence has been nothing short of a disaster for civil society; it has upended the lives of people of all generations, races, tribes and all regions, but its effects have been especially devastating for Matabeleland andContinue reading “Is violent resistance by the Matabeleland movement justifiable?”

Why election boycott is a weak tool

Raising questions of the credibility of the election institutions in Zimbabwe has become part and parcel of the election process. The electoral process is seriously flawed and no one has shown serious intention to fix the situation which is no wonder some Matabeleland movements are now convinced boycotting elections is our strongest tool.

Why the armed forces must not be routinely asked to do police work

The violent post-election clashes witnessed on Wednesday 01/08/2018 in Zimbabwe in which six civilians needlessly lost their lives when the Army opened fire on protesters in Harare do not only show the immaturity of the MDC leadership and insensitivity of ZANU PF but also remind us of the importance of keeping the armed forces inContinue reading “Why the armed forces must not be routinely asked to do police work”

Why Matabeleland must invest in non-violence

Hiroshima (1945), Auschwitz (05/1940 – 01/1945), Gukurahundi genocide (‎January 1983 – April 1984), Halabja chemical attack (1988) and the Rwanda genocide (04 – 06/1994) among other catastrophic examples save as tragic reminders of the boundless human potential for violence and inhumane conduct. Matabeleland must not shy away from fighting for its freedom and liberty forContinue reading “Why Matabeleland must invest in non-violence”

The case for a Matabeleland violent resistance not made yet

There is no dispute across Matabeleland of an immediate need for a social, economic and political reform that will grant the region greater autonomy. The greater argument lies in what the right strategy is. I personally have serious reservations on the greater case for calls for violent resistance at this point. Campaigners for violent resistanceContinue reading “The case for a Matabeleland violent resistance not made yet”