Identity is an important factor in building Matabeleland

To recreate communities and heal Matabeleland society, all citizens must be given a sense of belonging. Three things will form the bedrock of Matabeleland (Mthwakazi) society — multi-nationality, freedom of expression and rule of law. It must be appreciated by all who call Matabeleland home that if any one of these things is lost, youContinue reading “Identity is an important factor in building Matabeleland”

Diversionary tactics in Matabeleland politics

Diversionary tactics are as old as politics itself but a rapidly growing phenomenon within the Matabeleland/ Mthwakazi political space. In this manipulation strategy Noam Chomsky aptly describes as: “Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance”, delicate, deliberate and at times desperate manoeuvresContinue reading “Diversionary tactics in Matabeleland politics”

Federal Matabeleland requires decentralisation for good local governance

Creative politics is required so cultural differences in Mthwakazi/ Matabeleland do not become a source of division but a valuable base for social enrichment. Prejudice against other people is the one factor turning humans against each other; political opportunism appropriates differences, creates privileges for some population groups over others and implants perceptions of supremacy andContinue reading “Federal Matabeleland requires decentralisation for good local governance”

Counter injustice is no form of justice

Voicing our concerns about a vengeance based political doctrine and advocating against retaliatory strategies should not be misconstrued for cowardice; we are not cowards for not having faith in emotionally charged strategies that target specific population groups for abuse, and attempt to create a moral code that celebrates hatred against other humans. An ethnic ShonaContinue reading “Counter injustice is no form of justice”

Build Back Better Mthwakazi

If we want to know the reason for the lack of political progress in Mthwakazi or Matabeleland, we just got to stand in front of the mirror, and there we will see our nemesis. We are stuck in an oversimplified polarised conflict and we need to deconstruct the current political framework that hinders our transformativeContinue reading “Build Back Better Mthwakazi”

Mthwakazi movement and political accountability

Fear has consumed many in Mthwakazi following the heart wrenching Zimbabwe state-sanctioned Gukurahundi operations in the 1980s. Typically, the Mthwakazi civilian population has displayed long-standing weaknesses in how it engages the political space. We can see the injustices of the system and its institutions yet lack the courage to challenge those policies that fall shortContinue reading “Mthwakazi movement and political accountability”

Eradicate or modify executive presidency for the good of Mthwakazi

In this blog we have made no secret of our reservation over accumulation of executive power anywhere within our government; a concentration of executive power in one person has been the focus of our critique. We are particularly concerned about the amount of responsibilities laid upon individuals and believe it would require superhuman ability forContinue reading “Eradicate or modify executive presidency for the good of Mthwakazi”

Strong institutions not strongman is what Mthwakazi needs

Integrity is a key attribute for a well-functioning political entity: there is a strong correlation between people’s perception of a political organisation and their trust in it. Strengthening the integrity, openness and credibility of the pro-Mthwakazi agenda and the policy-making process should therefore be a priority for our movements. This requires not a strongman, butContinue reading “Strong institutions not strongman is what Mthwakazi needs”

Pro-Mthwakazi movement needs to invest in good governance

Experience has taught us that when tribalism is elevated to a system level, the system is reduced to tribalism level. Consequently, an unstable, irresponsible, calamitous system that orchestrates, feeds and benefits from hatred within and between communities, promotes and protects supremacism, tyranny of the majority and/ or the elite, heightens brutality, raise public anxiety andContinue reading “Pro-Mthwakazi movement needs to invest in good governance”

Encountering inconvenience unavoidable in politics

If your dream is to lead people and not just to acquire power, start seeing engaging the public as your essential work not an inconvenience in your journey. Latest social media news suggest resignations, dismissals and generalised allegations of internal disaffection and/ or conflict in one pro-Mthwakazi movement. While this is clearly a distraction, itContinue reading “Encountering inconvenience unavoidable in politics”