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Mthwakazi patriotism essential

AmaHole, Home, Patriotism 9 Jan 2017

Reality check of 36 years of Zimbabwean independence indicates a gross systematic loss of political control by Mthwakazi. With every year of ‘independence’ we are being pushed further away from decisions impacting our lives. We can change this steep path to oblivion, but a steely and collective resolve is required to restore ourselves. Read More


Ndebeles must discard the offensive term ‘AmaHole’

AmaHole, Ethnicity, Home, Patriotism 4 Sep 2012

There is realisation among many Mthwakazi nationals that a socio-political change is desirable. There is however, a lack of realisation of the importance of demonstrable inter-ethnic unity in achieving that change – a dangerous oversight, I would say. It is a socio-political travesty that we are still debating whether or not the noun iHole (plural: amaHole) is outright offensive.

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